Faizan Khawaja & Aleeze Nasser Ready to take over the Big Screen

Our entertainment industry has suffered majorly because of the pandemic, and it is now coming back to life with the release of pending films. One such awaited and upcoming film is Yaara Vey, which after facing years of delay, is now finally on its journey to witness the dawn of its release.

Written by Althea Kaushal and Mahwash Ajaz, the film stars Aleeze Nasser, Sami Khan, and Faizan Khawaja in leading roles. The film has been produced the Beeline Productions and Elite Productions in Dubai and shot in Thailand. The cast is from Pakistan but it involved crew members both from India and Pakistan. The official trailer zoomed in on each of the three characters in the triangle to highlight their personality traits. It featured conflict, romance and staple dance numbers for viewers to vibe along to – all of which is accompanied by some very scenic backdrops.

According to Aleeze Nasser, Yaara Vey is a romantic film which is about a girl’s journey of self-discovery. She experiences new things in life that change her perspective towards love. The film is also being considered as the comeback film for Sami Khan who was focusing more on the television since years now. Whereas, actor Faizan Khawaja is also coming back to the silver screen with Yaara Vey. Veteran actors Javed Sheikh and Marina Khan also star in the film. Aleeze Nasser, the main protagonist of the film, has a film school degree from the famous New York Academy.

She has great love for dancing and has learned the art from various experts. According to the actress, working with Sami Khan and Faiza Khawaja was a great experience.

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