Set in 1920s New York, Trust by Hernan Diaz follows the story of a powerful, wealthy couple and their rise to power. Benjamin, a Wall Street tycoon, and Helen, the daughter of an aristocratic family, become one of the wealthiest and most glamorous couples in the country. It's no wonder, then, that they become the thinly veiled subject of a novel in the 1930s that questions how they came to claim their vast fortune. Rumours fly and theories crop up, but the truth is difficult to track down and even more complicated than any outside observers could imagine.

By the Book

Jasmine Guillory reimagines Beauty and the Beast in her delightful new rom-com, By the Book. At 25, Isabelle is exhausted by a job where she's both overworked and perpetually underpaid. Still, her love of books is too strong for her to walk away from the world of publishing just yet, so when she hears her boss complaining about a "beast" of an author who just can't seem to meet his deadline, she offers to secure Beau Towers’ manuscript in exchange for a promotion. What she doesn't expect is for Beau to be a brooding man who can only write his novel with her by his side.

When Women Were Dragons

When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill takes place in a world in which hundreds of thousands of women suddenly transformed into dragons. Alex is the niece of one such woman, Marla, who's become ostracised from the family after the event. Alex's mother refuses to even acknowledge Marla even existed, and Marla's daughter, Bea, recklessly searches for answers, placing her in precarious situations. The novel is an exploration of what happens when women break free of their ascribed roles, and how the ones who don't, judge the ones who do.