Kylie Jenner says she showed her person-ality ‘too much’ on social media

The Kylie Cosmetics founder revealed that her approach to social media has changed over time. Most notably, how much of herself she reveals to the world. "I think that when I showed my personality too much or shared a little bit too much, people just had more access to say things about the real me," Kylie said during the episode of Hailey Bieber's YouTube series. "So, I decided to push back a little bit." She also noted that becoming a mom led her to have a different relationship with social platforms. "I think my priorities are just in a different place," Kylie said. "I think before when I was on social media, I would dedicate my whole life to that. I would wake up. I would Snapchat my breakfast. I just can't do that anymore." As for how she handles the hate she gets, The Kardashians star has a certain outlook. “My friends and my family know who I am, so that's really all that matters."