See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a "Groundhog Day" romance about a young woman who keeps reliving her disastrous first day of college over and over. After an embarrassing run-in with her physics class and accidentally setting a frat on fire, Barrett is certain her first day can't get any worse. But then she wakes up to discover the day has simply started, and she's not alone. She learns that the annoying guy from her physics class has been stuck in a time loop for months, and now they have no choice but to navigate their unusual situation together.

The Change

Far too often society dismisses older women, but Kirsten Miller’s The Change is a searing and wry example of why no woman should ever be underestimated. In the oceanfront community of Mattauk, three women's midlife changes lead to them discovering they possess new and startling powers. Nessa can hear the voices of the dead, Jo Levison discovers she can channel her hot flashes and rage, and Harriett Osborne undergoes an astonishing metamorphosis after her career and marriage implode. The women discover the body of a teenage girl, and together, they use their powers to uncover the dark truth about their town.

Family of Liars

If you loved E. Lockhart's bestseller We Were Liars, then you absolutely can't miss the much-anticipated prequel, Family of Liars. In another generation, secrets and lies define the Sinclair family. On a private island just off the Massachusetts coast, a strong-willed heiress with an addiction, crosses paths with a boy she can't stay away from and can't predict. Their connection grows over the course of the summer, but it certainly won't last. Instead, terrible betrayals and unforgivable secrets threaten the pair and everyone around them, proving just how much those lies and betrayals really do run in the family.