European Psychological Thrillers

  • 19 Nov - 25 Nov, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

‘But what about Komal?’ he asks curiously, ‘how’s she? I told you to make sure that she’s okay and doing certainly well.’

‘She may be okay. But she’s upset with both of us. I tried to tell her about your disorder, but she wasn’t listening or perhaps was not believing on anything that I was telling her.’

‘If you meet her again, please tell her that I still love her and I also really miss her.’

‘But there’s a big problem right here.’

‘What?’ he asks worriedly.

‘She’s engaged to Shams.’

Balaach remains silent and gets quite heartbroken.

‘You know Jamie,’ he says sadly, ‘I often wonder that how did such a coincidence take place? No problem on that if I had a split personality, but why was my altar Claude having an affair with my love’s best friend.’

‘Yes, it is a strange coincidence indeed.’

‘Who cares that I’m trapped in such a love triangle?’

‘Well, there’s one final bad report that I better tell you about…’

‘Go on, what could be worse than her engagement’s news?’

‘That guy Shams reported about you to the police officers. They know that you’re living in here, so they will be coming here anytime soon looking for you.’

‘I didn’t kill anyone. Claude did it, and I’ve tried to figure out from the video tapes that why did I, I mean Claude killed that man.’

‘Your altar Claude, had a devilish purpose and still has it now, due to which someone unknown and innocent was murdered.’

After talking for a while, Jamie leaves his home.

Now, Balaach was all distressed and had no other option but to give up Komal because now he had a responsibility over Jamie and secondly, because his disorder could be fatal for Komal.

Dr Farhad Consults Claude

A week later during night, Dr Farhad was at Balaach’s home. He and Balaach were waiting for twelve o’clock, as it was Claude’s therapy’s time. So later that time, when it was twelve o’clock, Balaach went to sleep. While he was lying, on his bed his mind transformed into Claude’s mind. Now Claude was active into life and Balaach was inactive as he was sleeping.

Moments later, when Claude gets up, he sees Dr Farhad in front of him. Claude furiously says:

‘You again! You stay away from Balaach, he’s very much distressed already.’

‘I’m curing him,’ doctor smiles.

‘And why so?’

‘So that you won’t have a control over his mind.’

Claude gets angry and picks up a glass of water from his side table. He throws it straight towards Dr Farhad. The doctor dodges it and calms him:

‘Slow down Claude, don’t get angry. Just take it easy.’

‘Get the hell out of my house!’ Claude yells.

‘I will, I am leaving right now but just tell me one thing. Do you remember anything about your past, your childhood?’

Claude tries to remember but has nothing in his memory. This makes him believe that he wasn’t real but just an altar, but he refuses to accept this fact.

As it gets morning, the altar Claude transforms back into Balaach. Now, when he wakes up as Balaach, the doctor tells him:

‘No need to worry Balaach, your disease will take three months hardly to recover completely. And after that your altar Claude won’t have a control over your mind.’

‘I hope it happens like that and that too soon.’

‘But you are not supposed to take stress about anything if you want to be completely cured. The police are looking out for you, but there’s no need to worry about that. And your girlfriend Komal, don’t worry about her either.’

‘Look, I have changed my mind about her, but the thing that’s killing my mind is just that, why me?’

‘Rephrase what you just said,’ Dr Farhad says to him.

‘My question is, that why was I a victim of such a coincidence. I had two girls in my life Komal who was mine. And Jamie who was Claude’s, but according to this coincidence, both the girls Komal and Jamie were best friends, why?’

‘Well, your question is very much logical, but don’t waste your time thinking about it. Get your pills on time and give rest to your mind okay.’

‘Okay as you say… can you do me one last favour? I want you to give my message to Komal.’

Balaach tells the doctor something to tell Komal, so that their previous misunderstandings would be removed once and for all.

Doctor meets Komal

That afternoon, Komal was at her home. She was holding a photograph of Balaach standing at the Louver. She was realising that no matter how much Balaach disappointed her or cheated on her; she would still be in love and was unable to forget him.

Her house’ door begins to knock, she wipes away some of her tears and puts away the photograph. She goes to see who it was. As it was Dr Farhad, she allows him to come inside after knowing that he was Balaach’s consultant. Later on, while they were sitting inside her house, she asks him:

‘So, is Balaach really suffering from any psychological disorder?’

‘Yes… and it’s called dissociate identity disorder.’

‘Yes, my friend Jamie told me about it. I also did a little research over it…’

‘But Miss Komal,’ doctor says, ‘I’m here to tell you something else. My patient told me that he’s getting married to Jamie. Because his altar Claude got her expected with a child. He just wants you to know that he never cheated on you in the first place. Whatever happened on his birthday’s midnight was a…’

‘…I know I know,’ she interrupts getting worried. ‘Now, I do understand this that he wasn’t cheating on me, it must have happened because of his multiple personality. But I don’t want him to get married to her.’

‘It’s his decision ma’am. He thinks that he has a responsibility over Jamie and her child.’

‘Actually, I’m also engaged to Shams. But doctor, I know something. I know he’s hiding things from me. I want someone to follow him.’

‘Where is he now?’

She gives him Shams’ office details and asks him to follow him.

Later, the doctor leaves her house. Komal gets worried thinking that Balaach and Jamie might get married.

Balaach gets Arrested

During the next evening, Komal reaches Balaach’s place in taxi. As she steps out from her taxi, she sees the police force and cops outside his building. As she looks closer, she sees that the cops were taking away Balaach with handcuffs on his arms. As she walks a little closer, she sees that Shams was standing along with the police inspector.

Someone touches Komal’s shoulder from behind. She gets scared, and turns behind immediately. It was Jamie.

‘Why are you here?’ Jamie asks angrily. ‘You didn’t care about Balaach, that’s what you told me.’

‘But I never meant that,’ she replies guiltily, ‘I just want you to know why he’s arrested.’

‘I supposed you knew. Your fiancée got him arrested.’

‘I swear I didn’t know anything about this. Just let me know why did he get arrested?’

‘His altar killed someone that night when you broke up with me and him.’

‘I know you’re angry with me,’ Komal says. ‘But we’re both responsible, only if we had showed each other the picture of our boyfriends, then all of this wouldn’t have happened.’

‘We had the same boyfriend. I can’t believe this coincidence.’

‘Tell me Jamie, why did he I mean Claude killed that guy.’

‘I didn’t see what happened. I don’t even know how the dead body went inside his car’s trunk.’

‘Will the police spare him if they find out he’s suffering from a disease?’ Komal asks.

‘I hope so!’

‘Are you getting married to him?’

‘I was expecting that you’d ask. But no, I won’t. He asked me today, but I refused to him because I don’t love him. I loved Claude. Therefore, I’ll raise up this child on my own.’

‘Oh… thank you Jamie. But I’m really sorry for the way that I’ve been showing you my attitude. Honestly, I am sorry.’

‘Whatever, I better warn you that if it gets proved that how, no matter Claude or Balaach murdered that innocent person, then he might get sentenced to death. Therefore, please don’t expect him to be back in your life. Stop loving him!’

‘He had no intent to do that or to murder someone,’ Komal replies. ‘The court may release him or charge him with a minor punishment.’

Later on, when the police vans had gone form there, Komal goes inside the building to check his home, but was not allowed by the guards.

Jailors believe Balaach’s Disorder

A week later at the central jail, Balaach was sitting sadly locked up behind the lock up cell. Balaach was only allowed to have his pills and the jailors around had witnessed him transforming into Claude due to which they realise that he’s innocent to some extent.

When the inspector arrives to examine him, he asks one of the jailors:

‘What’s wrong with this criminal?’

‘Sir, according to us, we have seen that this prisoner has a psychological disorder.’

‘What sort of?’

‘After twelve o’clock at night he transforms into someone else. I mean he converts into someone very harsh and cruel. His altar’s name is Claude.’

‘I see,’ inspector replies. ‘Earlier today, a psychiatrist came to me. He was talking the same about him. The only question that occurs in my mind is that is this guy Balaach really suffering from this disease or is he just faking it.’

‘No sir, I don’t think so…’

‘Well, then his altar, what was his name?’


‘Yes Claude, ask him about the murder.’

‘I forgot to tell you that,’ jailor replies remembering something, ‘this altar Claude, he wasn’t accepting his crime. He was saying he knows nothing about the murder.’

‘Of course, he’s lying, be reasonable about it.’

As it gets half past twelve later that night, Balaach wakes up as Claude. He looks around angrily and yells:

‘Hey jailor! Where are you hiding?’

The inspector and jailor appear right in front of him. Inspector examines his acts carefully. Claude yells to both of them:

‘You cowards! Don’t think that you can keep me in this cage for long. I’ll escape soon, and later I’ll commit murders in real. Right now, you’re just putting an allegation on me. Mark my words that I will kill you both.’

Inspector realises that his psychological disorder was real, but he angrily says to him:

‘Shut up! I’ll see how you’ll escape from here.’

The jailor calms the inspector and takes him away. The jailor says:

‘Sir, he is actually a two in one personality.’

‘I know, but that guy Claude is a criminal. And Balaach is innocent.’


‘The court will release him for two big reasons. Firstly, because the real one is Balaach and he has got nothing to do with that murder. And secondly, we have no proof, no evidence and only one eye witness. That guy Shams.’

‘But we all know that the dead body was found in his car and he tried to escape.’

‘Of course, an innocent guy like Balaach, who is unaware of the murder at that time, would run to save himself.’

They finally conclude that Balaach was actually innocent and meant to be released afterwards.

Balaach and Komal confront after long

During the next evening, Balaach was sitting inside the locker cell thinking about his remaining life. He suddenly hears the door of his cell opening. He looks up and sees a jailor allowing someone to enter inside. It was Komal who was entering inside. He gets astonished seeing her and stands up for her. As they both are standing next to each other, he feels his world changing for an instance. He gets sort of thrilled as he wasn’t expecting this. Komal also feels amused.

As they get closer to each other, Balaach closes his eyes and says:

‘Komal, I can’t believe this. Tell me are you here for me?’

‘Of course… I’m here only for you. I also feel the same…’

‘Have you really forgiven me?’

‘I never was disappointed I guess. I still love you. No matter if you had purposely cheated on me, even then also I wouldn’t have stopped loving you.’

Balaach feels quite relieved after hearing this. He understands that she was aware of his mental disorder. So he says to her:

‘Komal, we’ve been away from each other just for a few months. But these bitter months were no different than the years of immense torment and suffering.’

‘I sure missed you my love. But I am engaged to Shams…’

‘I know,’ Balaach replies sadly. ‘I’m also well, supposed to marry Jamie. I guess we won’t be together after all…’

to be continued...