Releasing soon! All the very best to the entire team! My bestest to you my sister @VJURWA you’re all set to release your first production, here’s to many more and bhai @farhan_saeed, I am sure you’ll shine just as bright on the Big screen as you always do. #TichButton

Mawra Hocane couldn’t be more proud of her sister Uwra Hocane, the actress turned producer, who worked hard day and night on her very first production Tich Button, along with a stellar cast.

Ushna Shah

For women, the fearlessness that comes with our 30’s is perhaps the best part. The ability to say “No” without an apology, the ability to call out patriarchy and the ability to let men know when they cross a boundary and to call them out on making us uncomfortable. I love it!

Ushna Shah is evidently delighted and content about the fearlessness and resilience in women that comes in their thirties. She addressed that the ability to say no and to call out the patriarchal standards of the society is what that is needed from women in today’s time.

Amar khan

Screen allotment, ticket pricing, ban culture, can’t we have a controversy/problem free release of Pakistani films? 2022 has been monumental for our cinema yet there is always an uproar. At last moment, the authorities show such neglecting performance at resolving the matters.

Amar Khan isn’t happy with the problems that surround our films every time they’re just about to release. According to the actress, this year seems monumental when it comes to Pakistani cinema, yet the hurdles that the authorities create last minute ruins the film altogether.