Set on You

Set on You by Amy Lea is so funny, warmhearted, and insightful it's hard to believe it's a debut. The story follows curvy fitness influencer Crystal Chen, who thrives on defying expectations and creating a positive community online. What she doesn't expect is for firefighter and squat rack thief Scott Ritchie to upend her entire world and break down her carefully cultivated defenses. As her chemistry with her hunky gym nemesis grows, Crystal also begins to question her online philosophies as she discovers that always presenting a perfect, perpetually curated persona to the world isn't as easy as she once thought it was.

Siren Queen

Old Hollywood comes to life with a twist in Nghi Vo's Siren Queen. In the pre-Code era, trying to be a star is dangerous for Luli Wei, but she's determined to conquer Hollywood on her own terms. That means she'd rather play a monster than a maid, as long as the character is a juicy one. However, there's more to this version of Hollywood than first meets the eye. Deals are done in blood magic and businesses thrive by sacrificing young starlets like her. In a world where monsters and magic are real, the stakes for Luli are literally life and death.

Every Summer After

The magic of summer is palpable in Carley Fortune's Every Summer After. Years after she stopped visiting Barry's Bay, an unexpected phone call draws Persephone Fraser back to the place where she spent her summers as a child. The mother of her first love, Sam Florek, has died, and although she and Sam drifted apart long ago, she knows she would regret not being there to say goodbye to his mother. What she doesn't expect is for the chemistry between her and Sam to still be so strong. But is it strong enough for them to have a second chance at love?