European Psychological Thrillers

  • 26 Nov - 02 Dec, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Balaach and Komal confront after long

During the next evening, Balaach was sitting inside the lockup cell thinking about his remaining life that was ahead of him. He suddenly hears the door of his cell opening. As he looks up he sees a jailor allowing someone to enter inside the cell. It was Komal who was entering inside. He gets astonished as he saw her after a very long time and stands up for her. As they both were standing next to each other, he felt as his entire world changed in an instance. He gets sort of thrilled as he wasn’t expecting this. Komal also felt amused in his presence.

As they get closer to each other, Balaach closes his eyes and says:

‘Komal, I can’t believe this. Tell me are you here for me and in real?’

‘Of course Balaach… I’m here only for you. And I also feel the same way.’

‘Have you really forgiven me. Please tell me?’

‘I never was disappointed I guess. I still love you. No matter if you had purposely cheated on me, even then I wouldn’t have stopped loving you.’

Balaach feels quite relieved while hearing this. He understands that she was aware of his mental disorder. So, he then says to her,

‘Komal, we’ve been away from each other just for a few months now. But these bitter months were no different than years of torment and suffering for me.’

‘I sure missed you my love. But I am engaged to Shams.’

‘I know,’ Balaach replies sadly. ‘I’m also well, supposed to marry Jamie. I guess we won’t be together after all.’

‘Jamie told me that she won’t marry you. She said she’ll raise her child on her own. And as far as my engagement is concerned, I also have a way out for that. My parents said that they’ll only allow me to get married to Shams if I’ll be satisfied with that. And I now see that I can easily break off this engagement.’

‘Well, that’s great then!’ he says getting delighted. ‘If Jamie doesn’t want to marry me, it works for me then. And your engagement can also be cancelled.’

‘Yes and my parents want me to get married only to a Muslim. You see there’s no other Muslim boy after Shams that I know other than you.’

‘Brilliant… Oh, but I forgot. I wanted to ask what exactly happened that night on my birthday.’

‘As usual Jamie and you were in your room. You, I mean Claude and Jamie, you two were together spending time with each other. I came and rang your bell. I was coming to give you a surprise on your birthday. But as Claude came to see me outside, he didn’t recognise me. I saw you both I mean Claude and Jamie together. Due to which I felt as if you were having an affair with both of us and cheating both of us.’

‘I know that much. I want to know what happened next.’

‘Then I simply left your home, Jamie followed me trying to stop me and calm me from getting angry over both of you and her. But as I was weeping and crying very badly, so I didn’t care about anything and just left.’

‘So, you didn’t witness that crime? When I killed someone at the street?’

‘No, neither Jamie did.’

Balaach thinks about the incident for a while but makes nothing out of it.

Dr Farhad Explains Something

Later, the jailor opens the cell’s door as he allows Dr Farhad and Jamie to enter inside. Although, Komal’s time was up, but he allows her to stay on the doctor’s request and on the inspector’s order. The inspector allowed them to be together as he was expecting an answer regarding the question of that murder. He secretly stands beside the jail, so that they can listen to what they were talking about.

Balaach, Komal and Jamie were seated on the bed. The doctor was walking around talking to them:

‘Last week, I’ve figured out many things that were unknown to us.’

‘Like what?’ Balaach asks.

‘First, let me tell you guys that the coincidence in which you’ve been believing was not actually a coincidence.’

‘Please rephrase that,’ Balaach says getting confused.

‘You all are familiar with a fact that alcohol preserves everything but a secret,’ the doctor says clearly. ‘This is what I did with Shams. I got him drunk and he revealed all the hidden facts.’

‘What hidden facts?’ Komal asks.

‘After he told me every last hidden detail in a jumbled up form, I made it out myself arranging the facts in sequence.’

‘Then tell us, we’re dying to know about everything,’ Komal says.

‘Remember the time when Balaach and Komal were having a relationship, at that time Shams was having a relationship with Jamie. During that time, he had kept his men following Balaach. They followed him everywhere even inside his homes at times. His men figured out that Balaach was having a split personality disorder. After learning this, Shams planned a setup which was not a coincidence… He purposely broke up with Jamie and made her fall in love with Claude. I mean he was the one who connected Jamie and Balaach’s altar, why?’

Jamie, Komal and Balaach think for an instance, Jamie says getting an idea:

‘He connected me indirectly to Balaach, so that Komal and Balaach would break up?’

‘Exactly!’ the doctor smiles. ‘Shams took advantage of Balaach’s disorder so that he could separate Komal from him making Balaach look unfaithful to her.’

‘What a player!’ Balaach says pitying himself. ‘I’m impressed!’

‘But there’s more, even more shocking news,’ doctor says. ‘Shams figured out that Komal was about to surprise Balaach on his birthday. Therefore, he planned accordingly. While she saw Claude and Jamie together, considering Claude to be Balaach, at that time Shams did something for which Balaach is accused of being a criminal.’

‘What?’ Balaach asks getting an answer in his mind. ‘He committed the murder?’

‘Yes! When Komal had angrily left his home, Jamie followed her. But as Balaach, who was Claude at that time following them along, went closer to his car. He didn’t know that inside the trunk, a dead body was loaded. But he saw blood stains and cleansed them with his shirt.’

‘I see,’ Balaach says getting badly shocked. ‘So he committed a murder, and kept that dead body in my car. So that I would get accused of committing that murder crime.’

Komal and Jamie were both very much astonished as they understood the game plan of Shams. The inspector who was standing a little far from the lock up’s door, heard everything.

Balaach Released

As the jailor comes towards him, the inspector says to him:

‘The case seems to be changed a lot.’


‘I mean to say that the guy we’re claiming to be a criminal is actually innocent. Balaach or Claude didn’t commit the murder. Shams, the guy who reported this was actually behind the murder.’

‘How do you think of that?’

‘The doctor was telling them. I’m not saying that we should catch Shams. I’m just suggesting that we should release Balaach.’

The inspector opens the door of the cell and asks the visitors to come out.

While Dr Farhad, Komal and Jamie were outside, the inspector tells them:

‘I’ll now release Balaach. Just get a lawyer to bail him out for the jail.’

‘Why are you suggesting this?’ Komal asks.

‘I don’t want to arrest him. I know he’s innocent, because that guy Shams seemed suspicious to us. And besides we don’t have any motives or evidence for his crime.’

‘Okay then, I know a lawyer, I’ll bring him tomorrow.’ Jamie adds.

Dr Farhad, Komal and Jamie left the cell.

Within next few days, Balaach is released from jail as he is bailed out. Now, the murder case is dismissed, but Komal and Balaach then have some unfinished talks with Shams.

Shams Admits

Days later, Balaach and Komal were at Komal’s home. Komal had broken her engagement with Shams. Balaach’s allegation of murder had nothing to do with him. When Shams got aware of the fact that Komal and Balaach had reunited, he went to her home.

While he was at her home seeing her with Balaach, he says guiltily:

‘Komal, I’m really sorry. I know I’ve lied a lot from you. But this was all my love for you.’

‘Love doesn’t mean that you play fraud,’ Komal replies.

‘I know but I had to break all these rules of right and wrong to achieve you in my life.’

‘You’re a criminal Shams,’ Balaach says. ‘Dr Farhad figured out everything from you.’

‘I know and I realise that the truth can never remain hidden.’

‘Then why are you here today?’ Balaach asks.

Shams takes out a pistol from his jacket and keeps it on a table in front of them.

‘What is this?’ Komal asks feeling scared.

‘I have no purpose to live if you are no longer with me. I want you to kill me with your own hands.’

‘Bullshit!’ Balaach says angrily. ‘Stop pretending!’

‘Hold on Balaach,’ Komal says, ‘I have a better solution. You admit your crime, right? So you better do this in front of police. Give yourself in.’

‘I can’t do this. My suggestion is that I better be killed from Komal.’

‘Man you’re irritating me,’ Balaach says angrily. ‘I have enough hatred for you, don’t play drama with us. We all know that Komal won’t kill anyone, that’s why you’re playing us fools.’

‘Then you better be surprised that I’m committing a suicide, right now in front of you.’

At the very moment, Komal’s house’ door knocks. Komal goes to see who it was. As Komal answers the door, it was Dr Farhad and Jamie with cops. The cops enter inside and arrest Shams, by putting handcuffs on his arms.

Balaach Recovers

After a little conversation regarding the case of murder, the cops take away Shams. However, Jamie and Dr Farhad console Komal and Balaach. Komal tells them:

‘Thank God, our problems have been resolved. So I’m finally getting engaged to Balaach.’

‘That’s a really good news,’ the doctor says, ‘but what about you Jamie? I thought you were having his child.’

‘I loved Claude, who won’t exist after long. So, I’ll just raise this child on my own.’

They all remain silent but were happy for Komal and Balaach.

Later, when Jamie was leaving Komal’s home with Dr Farhad, the doctor says to her:

‘I know you lied…’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I know you love him. I can read your mind; you have great affection for Balaach. But you’re just sacrificing your love for them.’

‘I’m doing it for him. And for my friend Komal, it’s their love story. I don’t want to become an obstacle for them.’

‘Are you sure you can raise this child?’ doctor asks.

‘This child is going to be a lifelong souvenir for my love Balaach or Claude, whatever that person was.’

So as time passes, Balaach slowly recovers. His altar Claude loses its existence and Balaach has no more mental disorder. He sleeps normally being himself, and lately, he then happily gets married to Komal.

After their marriage, he tries using his altar’s talent of poetry writing and one day writes a sweet romantic poem for Komal entitled ‘Our Love’:

We had no chance,

After our incomplete romance,

We couldn’t get what was awaited,

As we were terrifically separated,

But there was something more to Our Love.

But sooner or later,

Everything got better,

As there were no more obstacles,

After I crossed all those hurdles,

Because I achieved back Our Love.

Finally there are no misunderstandings,

As reunion is what our love brings,

Like most of the fairy tales,

My true love never fails,

This is the worth of Our Love.

Several years later someday,

We won’t look as good as today,

But our love bond would still be strong,

As it will live in us life long,

Proving the strength of Our Love.