Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi – A Romantic Rib-tickling Political Satire

  • 26 Nov - 02 Dec, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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Stage shows and theatre plays represent the societal norms, mindset, and how the general public thinks. For any nation, stage plays are very essential in representing their ideas, thoughts, and what they go through in their lives. As per history, theatre plays have impacted societies and they have not just entertained people but also help them revolutionise and evolve with time. In Pakistan, theatre plays, unfortunately, cannot be seen as regular activities, the reason is a no-brainer – there is no monetary benefit associated with it. It is only for people who are passionate about theatres; for people who are ardent fans of art. Stage Nomad is a group of passionate individuals who keep bringing theatre plays for the fans of arts, this time “Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi” is the theatre play that is showcased in Arts Council Karachi.

The story of Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi revolves around Pakizah, who lives with her father, aunt, and grandmother. She is a girl with aspirations and wants to become self-sufficient in life but her family wants her to marry her cousin Guddu, who lives in the UK. Pakizah meets Imtiaz aka Immu and falls in love with him. They both fall for each other, a typical case of ‘love at first sight. Immu sees the potential in Pakizah and wants her to fly high and achieve her dreams by providing her unconditional support. Whereas, Pakizah’s aunt and grandmother want her to marry Guddu because he is rich and can also support their family in the future like Guddu’s father has supported them in the past. Guddu along with his uncle Wasif, his cousin Bobby and Maham with her husband Sarfaraz visit Pakizah and want to fix the marriage. What happens next is a great depiction of how families manipulate, friends support, conspiracies are woven and love blossoms that triumphs over all.

The script of Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi is smartly written with a lot of pop culture insertions and they bring in many moments of laughter. Not just that there are also scenes where political satire is scattered with abundance and that is the highlight of this stage play. Those who are aware of the political scenario of Pakistan and have listened to the speeches of political figures will enjoy the play to another level. The references drawn from famous speeches and used in the romantic setting are worth appreciating. Ashar Naeem, the writer of theatre play, has commendably written the script and the wordplay that he has infused in the entire play is astounding. Scripts like these showcases the potential of Pakistani writers and their command over the language. After all, Urdu satire is known for great one-liners and the writer of this play has successfully taken it to another level.

Faheem Azam’s direction is first-rate. There are a few scenes in the play that are awe-inspiring and visual delights for the audience. Every actor is utilized to the best of their capabilities and gets to share their talent remarkably. The storytelling right from the beginning till curtain dropping is amicable

Sohail Zubair (Immu) is not only blessed with a great voice but his stage presence is also very strong. This boy can do wonders if the right roles are offered to him – genuine filmy-hero material. The way he picked the nuances of Imran Khan’s diction, exclamations, and pauses is just a delight to watch. Also, the antagonist Guddu has done an amazing job of depicting the shades of one of the most interesting political personalities of Pakistan. He keeps the audience entertained throughout the show, whenever he appears on stage.

Wafa Sohail, as Pakizah, brings freshness and innocence. The character demanded both traits and the actor managed to deliver what was required from her; with grace and effortlessness.

Asad Ullah Chaddha (as Wasif) is very subtle and shares his lines with great ease and spontaneity. Nouman Rauf as (Mamu Rashid) matched the energy and style of the character that he portrayed. Usman Hidayat (as Ghazanfar) brings a lot of fun moments and his expressions are worth applauding.

The stage drama, Meri Shaadi Meri Marzi, is a romantic tale where two contenders are after one woman, one with ill intentions and the other with good. The stage show will make you draw similarities between Pakistan’s political set-ups and it is written in fun and good humour. Those who have an interest in politics and are also fans of wordplay will enjoy the show irrespective of which political wing they belong to. This is a young breed of talented and passionate artists and they have done a commendable job. This show will be performed in six different cities. It’s a must-watch.