Celebs Saddened at his demise

  • 03 Dec - 09 Dec, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Obituary

All of the artists who worked with Ismail Tara remembered him as fun-loving nature. They all mentioned that when he was around nobody could remain sad as he used to bring smiles to their faces with his witty comments.

Playwright Asghar Nadeem Syed reminisced how Ismail Tara has only ever brought joy to everyone’s lives, including his. “But by leaving so suddenly, he has, for the first time, left me in sorrow,” he told the media. “Whenever I have spoken to him, he’d be smiling. I never saw him sad. His time in the industry is not a brief period. I have been a witness to his four decades in the industry and I believe that it is not easy for anyone to stay in a profession like ours for so long and not let it dim their light.”

Syed recalled how Tara would “supervise” himself, even under trying times. “It was a misfortune that Majid Jahangir could not move forward with Tara but Tara continued to contribute maximally to the stage, film, and TV,” he concluded.

Veteran actor Rashid Mahmood also shared. "Ismail Tara was among those few entertainment professionals who remained associated with their careers till their last breath. He was a pillar of this showbiz fraternity and was among those whom people from across borders idealized. His death is a big loss for our industry and he will be missed forever.”

Celebs extended condolences on the demise of comedian Ismail Tara. The Crown actor Humayun Saeed wrote a post dedicated to his friend and colleague. He wrote, “The Pakistani entertainment industry has not only lost a great entertainer - but I lost a friend.”

He added, “Late Ismail Tara was a part of my first production Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and then Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and many serials we have made under the Six Sigma banner, including Woh Pagal Si that ended recently. His sense of humor, comic timing, and command of the craft were unparalleled and will sourly be missed.

Nadia Jamil was also saddened at the big loss of our industry. In a Twitter post she wrote, “Thank you #IsmailTara Ji for the laughter & happiness you have brought into joy just my, but so many lives. I wish I had told you this while you were alive. J still watch 50-50 & it still makes me crack up laughing. May Allah bless you with the highest ranks in Jannah. RIP Sir.”

Meri Shehzadi Diana actor Ali Rehman took to Twitter to extend his condolence on the death of the legend. He wrote, “He redefined comedy. Embodied each character with honesty, integrity, and heart. Brought smiles to millions around the country and made us yearn for more. His passing is tragic and heartbreaking. He will be missed dearly but will live on in our hearts forever. RIP #IsmailTara #Hero.”

Ismail Tara’s co-actor in Woh Pagali Si Saad Qureshi posted a picture with him. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “I can’t believe that you are no more. You were just like a father to me. May Allah Grand you the highest place in Jannah.”

Adnan Siddiqui remembered Tara as a “veteran in every sense of the word.” He tweeted, “Ismail Tara Sahab redefined comedy with his trendsetter Fifty Fifty. The nation will remember you for making them smile through the 80s and beyond. May Allah grant you a higher place in Jannah.”

British Pakistani journalist Reham Khan also tweeted about this big loss in our industry. She wrote, “As I have been struggling to find the perfect hero for my new Pakistani film a friend showed me this a few days ago & we laughed for hours as we saw all #IsmailTara clips. Such an amazing incomparable talent. May you rest in peace.”

Adnan Sami also wrote a mournful tweet paying tribute to the legendary comedian. He wrote, “Can’t believe he’s passed away. He was a comedic genius. We r ever grateful to him for making our lives joyful through his humor. My heartfelt condolence,”

The Editor of Express Tribune Bilal Farooqi wrote a heartfelt note on Twitter. “Farewell #IsmailTara. May you join the stars. You were a star, like your namesake, in the world of comedy. Can't forget all those hilarious skits you performed in Fifty Fifty, especially the breakdancing thief one. We have indeed lost a gem today,” he wrote. •