Mustique Island

Sarah McCoy's Mustique Island is a mother-daughter story set against the backdrop of the titular private island. A former beauty queen Willy Michael is looking for a fresh start for herself and her daughters. She finds it on Mustique, an island in the Bahamas that's owned by Colin Tennant, a British playboy who wants to create a haven for his rich friends and Princess Margaret. Willy builds a villa across the way from the princess, and quickly joins the inner circle of the rich and famous. But when her daughters arrive, they're quick to realise there's a dark side to the island that their mother doesn't want to see.

Jameela Green Ruins Everything

Jameela Green Ruins Everything by Zarqa Nawaz is a deliciously dark comedy that takes on America's foreign policy in the Middle East, the lengths people are willing to go to for success, and one woman's search for meaning. At the heart of the novel is the titular Jameela, who dreams of having her memoir published. When she heads to mosque for some spiritual guidance during her quest to make her dreams come true, she meets recent immigrant Ibrahim Sultan who agrees to help her if she does a good deed first. This one decision leads to Jameela becoming entangled in an outlandish conspiracy that includes a terrorist organisation and an unlikely rescue mission.

Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron

Bridgerton book fans, the wait for Miss Butterworth's full story is finally over. Bestselling author Julia Quinn has woven snippets of Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron into her books for years, but for the first time ever the entire story is being released in graphic novel form with beautiful illustrations by the author's late sister Violet Charles. The madcap romance of Miss Priscilla Butterworth and the mad baron is a joyful, hilarious romp that will delight anyone who loves their regency romance with a side of absurdism and a healthy sprinkle of hilarity