The Summer Place

The queen of fiction, Jennifer Weiner, is back again this year with her latest novel, The Summer Place. Sarah is taken aback when her stepdaughter Ruby announces her engagement to her "pandemic" boyfriend, and even more surprised at how fast the wedding plans are moving along. As the family hurtles along towards the big day, past hurts and surprising twists pop up, affecting every generation. Along the way, Ruby, Sarah, and Sarah's mother, Veronica, each must face up to the things they've hoped for, and the things they've tried to bury. The only certainty is that nothing will be the same again.

Starry-Eyed Love

Helena Hunting's latest novel, Starry-Eyed Love, is all about coincidences that bring us together in unexpected ways. Career-focused and fresh off a breakup, London is not interested when a handsome man pays for her and her sisters' drinks. When a company calls their event business with a potential contract, London is thrilled. However, when she learns that the company's CEO Jackson turns out to be the guy from the club, her excitement goes out the window. Forced to work together, London and Jackson do spark something personal between them. But, there are still plenty of obstacles that might get in the way of their potential romance.

This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub will transport readers back to 1996 as a daughter gets a second chance to connect with her ailing father. On the eve of her 40th birthday, Alice wakes up as a teenager in her 1996 childhood home. This strange occurrence puts her in a unique position to spend precious time with her father while he is still young and healthy. Additionally, she has a new perspective on life thanks to her age and experiences, which leaves her wondering if there's anything she can change in the past that might have a ripple effect on her and her father's futures.