Emily Ratajkowski reflects on her ‘scary’ weight loss after ‘trauma’

Emily Ratajkowski is on the road to recovery after experiencing weight loss she says was spurred by trauma. The model, author of the 2021 book My Body, opened up about her personal experience on an episode of her podcast High Low with EmRata, during a discussion with guest Mia Khalifa. "I think trauma lives in the body," Emily said. "That's been my experience. I actually go the other way – when I'm really unwell, I lose so much weight. I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary." Emily, who is 5-foot-7, would be considered to be at a healthy weight if she weighs between 118 pounds and 159 pounds, per the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. "And now I've gained weight," Emily said on her podcast. "For me, it's a huge game-changer and it's how I know I'm happy." In recent months, the highs and lows of the model's personal life have played out in the public eye. In September, the I Feel Pretty actress filed for divorce from husband Sebastian, with whom she shares son Sylvester Bear, 20 months.