Arts Council Repertory Theatre Company stages 100 Din Chor Kay

  • 17 Dec - 23 Dec, 2022
  • Rubab Fatima
  • Reviews

Got to experience continuous laughter fits after witnessing entrtaining performances at the media night of theatre play 100 Din Chor Kay, which was staged at the jam-packed auditorium of Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) the other day.

The play 100 Din Chor Kay may cause you to laugh till you lose your breath with some very intelligent and wit-filled jokes resulting in a non-stop laughter fest. The plot of the play revolves around Amir Hassan, a conman man dealing with the government for the past few months and having a hard time keeping up with his lies.

The play, an Urdu adaptation of Michael Cooney’s Cash on Delivery, is a farcical comedy involving deception and mistaken identities creating chaos everywhere. It has been directed by Zeeshan Haider, who has been heading the theatre department of the Arts Council.

Just when the play was about to begin, Haider informed the audience that 100 Din Chor Kay is the first play being produced by the Arts Council Repertory Theatre Company. He further announced that the company intends to stage at least four plays in a year.

Arts Council President Ahmed Shah also spoke on the occasion. He lauded Haider for forming the repertory theatre company at the council. He said that the ACP would also form a talent company to ensure that talented actors of the city always have work opportunities on them.

The play is about a middle-class man Amir Hasan (played by Fawad Khan) who after losing his job has decided not to tell his wife Samra (played by Komal Hayat Veerji) about his unemployment. In order to meet his expenses, he gets himself registered under a fake name with a government social welfare institution for monetary help.

However, this one deception leads to another, resulting in an uncontrollable chaos. And soon he realises to use his gullible tenant Irshad (hilariously played by Nazarul Hasan) to cover his frauds. Irshad has to assume various identities such as that of a deaf painter as well as of a woman in order to satisfy an NGO worker and representatives of the government social welfare organisation, who all visit their house together to verify the claims of Hasan.

A special mention for both the actors Fawad Khan and Nazarul Hasan who have undoubtedly performed amazingly, to act live in front of a packed audience with utmost continuity while keeping the wit and their comic timing on spot is very difficult nevertheless. The success of the play depended on them and they proved their mettle with their gripping performances.

The cast also included Muneeb Sheikh, Muhammad Ghous, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din, Sara Taqi, Alina, Hassam Irfan and Sheryle John; where each and every cast member was just adding up to the comic element of the play while maintaining the gist of their respective characters. The play ended with the actors being lauded by the audience and rightfully so.