6 Must Buy Décor Items for Your New Home

Designing a new house is a daunting task especially when you want to add your personal sense of style to it. Add these decor items to impress your guests at a housewarming party.

Closet Organizer: They are one of the most widely used systems, with countless setups available including shelving, drawers and units designed to hold everything from scarves to snow boots.

C-Table: It is easy to slide underneath your sofa, couch or bed with C-Shaped design to take your snacks, coffee, remotes, phones, books without moving body.

Candles: Elevate your space by choosing the right scented candles that evoke feelings of relaxation and warmth.

Smart Lighting: Lighting has evolved from merely being a requirement to becoming a crucial component of creating kitchens and wardrobes. Millennials are using light to convey emotions and showcase their preferences.

Indoor Plants: Good interior decorating and styling is all about layers, texture and colour and you can get it all by proper placement of indoor plants.

Art: Going for a modern décor? Consider a metal wall-hung sculpture or a bold colorful painting. If your home is more traditional, consider porcelain or ceramic sculpture or a classic landscape.