Anoushey Abbasi - Slaying In Monochrome Outfits

Wearing an ensemble that has only one hue is known as monochrome style. These clothes are simple yet elegant, and they're perfect for those who want to wear a specific tone or matching patterns. A monochromatic costume can have various components, separates, layers, textures, and colour variations, but the overall appearance is one colour.

When it comes to style solutions that check every box – low-effort, fashion-forward, playful, and (preferably) comfortable – monochrome outfits continue to reign supreme. Although wearing one colour head to toe was once considered a somewhat bold choice, the trend has evolved into a classic way of dressing.

Besides the effortless factor, you'll love that you can wear these fashion-forward looks to just about any function. Going for drinks, brunch, work or supermarket? Grab these single coloured outfits, it is going to fit the scene immaculately, no matter the vibe and setting.

Because, with the exception of dresses, these can be anything from cool and casual outfits to formal wear. There's even more versatility to love: you can (and should!) mix and match to create a variety of looks.

Still, there's more to nailing the monochromatic look than simply slipping on those pre-made matching sets. If you're hoping to spice things up this year, there are a few key moves that can help you do so, from adding accessories to alternating between different shades.

While monochromatic ensembles may appear to need less effort, they can be challenging to pull off, especially when working with bright colours or light neutrals. Monochromatic style necessitates trial and error to determine what you enjoy and are comfortable wearing out in public. A monochromatic outfit creates a basic and clean look that you'll enjoy wearing when you have the right items to put together.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & Makeup: Nighat Misbah@Depliex
• Designer: Attire By Bushra Wahid
• Shoes & Accessories: Grace-Up
• Photography: Yasser Sadiq