“Toxic masculinity is nauseating,” says Nadia Jamil on setting the bar for men too low in Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi wrapped up after airing its last episode and it has naturally opened up a debate on social media. Actor Nadia Jamil shared her thoughts on the show and called out the male leads for being cloaked with toxic masculinity. She said that our dramas are setting the bar too low for heroes. Recently, she retweeted a tweet by journalist Fifi Haroon describing the drama as ‘well developed’, saying it was very much possible for Mehak to fall for the first man she gets close to despite all his red flags. Jamil responded by bringing up all the messed up things the male lead has done to manipulate the woman he loves into staying with him. In response, the journalist said that her point was not to romanticise the behaviour, just to say that it wasn’t “implausible” for a girl with such a background to develop feelings for a guy like that. “Many women forgive their abusers. Low worth. The ultimate fantasy being validation from abuser from extreme devil to extreme angel”. Referring to real life cases of abusive men, she said that compared to other horrible crimes, Shamsher (the character) can be considered a hero, which sets such a low bar for men. She affirmed that it was Stockholm syndrome on the woman’s part and said it was entertaining since there was some sense of justice around the end. Calling toxic masculinity “nauseating”, the actor also said that so many dramas are propagating it.