Instagram all set to launch new tool for hacked users to regain account access

Instagram users who are victims of hacking now have a new way to try to claw back their account. The company announced that a new feature for reporting and trying to resolve account access problems. The new platform is an all-in-one account support page. Users can ask for help recovering hacked accounts, report impersonation accounts, or get help if they’ve forgotten their passwords. The most pressing issue for many is likely getting help when an account has been hacked – something that users have struggled to get in the past. Recovering a hacked Instagram account hasn’t been easy; a 2018 Motherboard report detailed how some users have paid ransoms to hackers who’ve held their accounts hostage. A separate report from 2019 showed how influencers who’ve had their accounts overtaken have had to turn to other hackers for help. In both cases, users say Instagram itself was slow to respond, if at all. The company said that the feature is now available to everyone: users locked out of their account can select two friends who can help verify their identity.