Aries: Starting the year '23 on a high note, Jupiter's placement in your first house will do wonders for your sense of well-being, success in the workplace, and general health. One must, however, exercise extreme caution during the first three months of the year. Spending a lot of time and money on your image is crucial if you want to be noticed in your personal and professional life. Your social circle is about to expand, which is good news because it means you'll meet more people and gain new experiences. It's possible that you'll feel sick or overwhelmed during the April and October eclipses. Money flow will be better than in previous years; however, you must use your astuteness and intelligence to capitalise on your finances. Turbulence in the relationship and love life will start settling during the last quarter as the Nodes change their planetary placements.

Taurus: There will be plenty of chances for you to make your wrongs right and make amends, so try not to dwell on the past. Jupiter's placement in the 12th house indicates that you will rely on your intuition to succeed this year and will have a spiritual proclivity. The year's beginning can be particularly rigorous, but you have the kind of inner strength that won't let you give up no matter how tough things get. You must, therefore, maintain a habit of future planning and keeping an eye on the big picture. Refrain from making any critical decisions that could have a negative effect on your family or finances around the times of the April and October eclipses. Avoid making major purchases or repairing your home during the Venus retrograde period because it will likely cause you to waste money. Changes in Nodes placement can cause you to travel to a foreign country.

Gemini: A journey towards stability is what the year '23 will be for you. There has been a lot of upheaval and uncertainty recently, but things appear to be looking up financially and socially. Jupiter's alignment with the North Node will provide the professional boost you've been looking for, helping you finally feel safe in your own skin. Though blind trust in a person is not something you should do in any way. You will see people in your network start talking more positively and appreciating your efforts. If your health has been a concern so far, the third quarter could be more challenging. Maintaining your romantic partner's interest requires effective two-way communication. There could be a lot of work-related travel, creating unnecessary stress in your personal life.

Cancer: Personal difficulties may arise in the year '23, making it all the more important to have clear and compelling lines of communication. It would be more beneficial to seek professional assistance or speak with a trusted friend or family member regarding the relationship issues. Things will settle down at work. You may be considering a career change, and if so, you should start looking now because the latter half of the year will not be as fruitful for you. Eclipses in April and October can cause isolation and exhaustion at work and home. It's crucial, especially in the last quarter of the year, to actively seek happiness rather than wallow in misery. Your bank account will suddenly increase; thus, take this as a sign and invest wisely. Because of shifting Nodes, a pilgrimage is strongly indicated.

Leo: In the year '23, Leo, you will undergo profound and far-reaching progressive changes. As Saturn moves into its exalted position, doors will begin to open for you professionally and personally as Jupiter conjuncts the North Node; it will improve your financial situation and speed up your advancement in your career. And may necessitate long-distance journeys, making this an excellent time to seek immigration. It would be best to be cautious with your investments in the year's second half and not let your emotions get the better of you. You need to handle the situation diplomatically and put your pride aside. You and your significant other should work things out in the year's final two months when the stars will be aligned in your favour. It will help if you look for any signs of a recurrence of an old illness that might restrict your ability to move around.

Virgo: This year, you will be more productive at work, and the planetary placements will help you with your job progress and self-improvement. With Jupiter in the eighth house, your love life will be hard, and you will question many aspects of your relationship; yet, you will have the time to reflect and meet individuals who can mentor and help you all the way. And remember, introspection is the biggest key for analysing the right choice. During the eclipses in April and October, you may doubt your ability to manage your finances; use this reading as a reminder and keep going forward. If you go through litigation, you will vanquish your opponents, and everything will fall into place. Buying a home this year might be challenging; however, saving that notion for next year can be advantageous in the long term.

Libra: As year '23 begins, you will be able to make more informed decisions in your life. You will feel out of the woods as Jupiter will help you rebuild confidence in relationships; for the time being, eclipses in the second and final quarters of the year might cause worry. As a result, take one step at a time and avoid jumping to conclusions. The planetary motions will yield various positive results if you play your cards well. Job transfers and business trips will be possible. Avoid purchasing anything significantly valuable during the third quarter since Venus will be retrograde, clouding your judgement. You may feel constrained and irritated, but you will feel much better emotionally when the Nodes transit out from your first-seventh axis. If you are married, you can expect to have a child.

Scorpio: You need to prioritise your financial health and make long-term plans for your money in the first few months of '23. Your career may have ups and downs, but now is a great moment to be an entrepreneur. Although Scorpios in the creative industries may experience setbacks, they will feel validated for their efforts at the end of the year. Having Jupiter in the sixth house might cause undesired weight gain and other health problems. By establishing and sticking to a healthy routine, you can avoid engaging in insalubrious habits. Dealing with relationships this year will be a task for you until the Nodes change and transit out. I implore you not to make unwise choices that might lead to an unpleasant temporary separation from your partner. You may benefit from taking some time off during an eclipse to reflect on your life and choices and emerge from the experience more centered.

Sagittarius: The year '23 will be distinguished by sudden but significant changes. In terms of money, whether you are involved in the stock market or other forms of speculation, new financial deals are risky, especially at the start of the year. Jupiter will enter your fifth house in the second quarter to further alleviate your monetary woes. This can help you feel more at ease in social situations with individuals of all backgrounds. Work carefully and avoid working extra hours during March and April; doing so increases the risk of burnout syndrome. As Nodes change their planetary placements, you may find yourself in a different country or city this year. There is a strong possibility that this year will bring up exciting new professional prospects due to the expansion of your social circle. Personal life issues will begin to resolve after the October eclipse, which will cause you to become more involved in your relationship.

Capricorn: As this year begins, you must thoroughly work on your savings as Saturn will transit in the second house, and you will be spending more on your comforts, which can deplete your savings in year ‘23. It would be best if you put in a serious effort to build an excellent financial structure. With Jupiter in the fourth house, you'll want to prioritise the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. It's possible to have unexpected travel that will keep you away from home for an extended period. Relationship issues can face delays and will take more time to resolve; therefore, you need to wait for the Nodes to change their planetary placements, which will be after October. Your work life's period of disengagement will soon end, providing welcome relief, and long-forgotten investments will soon pay off.

Aquarius: The year '23 is about to bring a lot of amazing experiences for you, and it will shape your personality for the better for many people. It will be Saturn's first return! It will certainly open doors for you in terms of new friendships and connecting with some big organisations, which will be great for freelancers. Domestic travel will be the norm this year and will help you spiritually discover yourself, so a soul-searching trip to unwind from stress will be essential. The year's second half is particularly challenging for romantic relationships. Those in long-distance relationships may feel more stressed during the April and October eclipses, so keeping cool is necessary. Things financially will improve, but you should avoid taking out any new loans and set a plan to pay off any existing debts and taxes.

Pisces: This year you will have ample time to fulfil your long-term desires and ambitions and to enjoy worldly pleasures. It is recommended that if you plan to get married this year, the last two months will be more auspicious. In the first quarter, you must be careful while communicating with your family regarding a few financial matters, as they can go haywire if not handled on time and by yourself. Issues in a relationship can still haunt you, so rather than detaching yourself from your partner, you should look for the root cause and fight it; the eclipse in April will be a pivotal period for the marriage. The Nodal shift will be taking place at the end of the year ‘23, which can increase your monetary assets; all of your effort and perseverance will eventually pay off.