Decorate your Home according to zodiac Sign

Part -1

When you’re in an interior design rut, you probably look to blogs, magazines, and Pinterest for inspiration. Here we help you pick the right furniture according to your Zodiac Sign.


Aries are typically associated with red, but any bright, bold color should instantly make your living space more “you”!


To meet your high expectations and round out your home with perfect details, try velvet throw pillows or even velvet furniture.


Take it to the next level by adding vintage furniture. Coffee tables, end tables, and accent chairs make perfect vintage accents for cancers.


If there’s one thing a Gemini should have, it’s a great patio set for entertaining. Opt for brightly colored cushions and pillows on your patio furniture, a funky table, and – of course – string lights.


Leos are drawn toward bright splashes of color. Since a Leo is a sign of the sun, he or she will find harmony in oranges, golds and yellows.


If you’re a Virgo, you’re very practical and you might have perfectionist tendencies.