Iconic #Ronaldo #Pepe #Legends! 8 billion people,8 billion opinions but it’s our absolute honour and privilege to have witnessed someone like RONALDO! To have lived in the same era as him, no one, absolutely no one like him! #Portugal #FIFAWorldCup2022 #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022

Mawra Hocane is just like all of us die heart fans of football who just couldn’t contain our excitement as we enjoy the roller coaster ride of the FIFA World cup currently going on in Qatar.


Don’t know who needs to hear this but I’ve had a short stay at the hospital. They’re rolling a system called “Hives” in all the depts. I was told measuring costings for services provided (American style). It’ll switch and we’ll be paying up-to £200 for inhalers. #NHS #MattHanock

Armeena Khan after having a short stay at the hospital is giving all of us a major update on the health situation being built up in the overseas hospitals.

Ushna Shah

Violence against women is a human rights violation. It must stop now. Let us join hands with UNFPA to end gender-based violence by the year 2030. Let us change the narrative. #KahaniBadlenGe @UNFPAPakistan

Ushna Shah has joined hands with the United Nations Population Fund to extend her support for the victims of domestic violence. Violence irrespective of any gender should be condemned at all costs.