Ayesha Omar, Fia Khan support Shaniera Akram after she criticised Feroze Khan for driving without a seat belt

Controversy continues…

Actor Feroze Khan may have responded ignorantly to Shaniera Akram’s criticism of his lack of regard for his child’s safety while driving, but her criticism has started a conversation and rightfully so. The most recent people to stand with Akram’s point of view are actor Ayesha Omar and model Fia Khan, who talked about the road accidents they experienced and stressed on the importance of wearing a seat belt. Omar took to Instagram stories recently and thanked Akram for raising her voice on the matter. She wrote, “Seven years ago, today, I was in a terrible car accident and I broke four bones in my upper body, sitting in the backseat (not the front seat even). Had I been wearing a seat belt, I wouldn’t have suffered any injuries I was told.” Fia also shared that she was in an accident in Lahore, nine years ago on Women’s Day with her daughter. “Cut short, the car overturned several times and we landed upside down on the opposite side of the road. If we wouldn’t have been wearing the belts, trust me! We would have been out of the windscreen and maybe down the bridge,” wrote Fia. She also sent love to Omar and Akram for speaking up on the matter.