Glamping, a fusion of the words "glamor" and "camping," is the latest travel fad among young Chinese.

Glamping is an economical travel trend that has attracted tourists all across the globe. In an effort to make up for losses due to the pandemic, hard-hit hotels also took advantage of the trend. Luxury hotels such as Shangri La and Le Meridien offered a camping experience at a fraction of the price. This appealed to tourists in cities. The Chinese camping boom looks set to continue. Of the approximately 26,000 camping-related companies in China, 60% were founded in 2020 or later. Lifestyle brand Dare Glamping, which was established in October 2020, has already expanded to 20 campsites, signed two 10-year leases on land in the Beijing municipality, and at the start of November 2021 secured close to RMB10 million (US$1.6 million) in angel financing. Rather than expecting guests to bring their own tents, Dare offers a “tent setting-up experience” where campers watch, film, and photograph while staff members show how it’s done. With all-inclusive prices that rival luxury hotels in nearby cities, Dare also offers full-scale catering – including afternoon tea, furniture, lanterns, colorful blankets, showers, and toilet facilities. The brand has been featured in numerous Chinese television shows and is very much in line with the Xiaohongshu camping aesthetic – in fact, the social media platform is seen as an essential factor behind Dare’s success.