Ariana Grande sends Christmas presents to patients five years after concert tragedy

Ariana Grande is bringing some light to patients this holiday season. In a tweet, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity revealed the sweet way the Positions singer gave back this holiday season: giving presents to kids residing at the city's hospitals. "Thank you Ariana," was wrote alongside photos of wrapped gifts. "We were so excited to receive Christmas gifts for young patients across our hospitals from Ariana Grande." It's clear that a piece of Ariana's heart will always be in the city, with it having been five years since a terrorist detonated a bomb after her May 2017 concert, claiming the lives of 22 people. Since the tragic incident, the singer has continued to honour the victims. Last year, the Grammy winner paid tribute by penning a note on the anniversary of the attack. "Although grief is ever-present and our relationship to it is constantly evolving and expressing itself in different ways every day, year round. I know that this anniversary will never be an easy one. Please know that I am thinking of you today."