Neruda on the Park

Cleyvis Natera's debut novel, Neruda on the Park, tells the story of one Dominican family in New York that faces the challenges of gentrification. When a nearby area is demolished to make way for new businesses, members of the Guerrero family deal with the destruction of their neighbourhood in a different way. Eusebia, a community elder, comes up with dangerous schemes to delay construction. Luz, her daughter, works as a high-powered attorney in Manhattan, and falls for a developer at the building company. Lastly, Luz's father secretly works on building a retirement home for the family, all while tensions rise in their neighbourhood to a dangerous point.

The Cherry Robbers

In 2017, famed artist Sylvia Wren lives her life in virtual seclusion, but her true identity is about to be exposed by a determined journalist. So begins Sarai Walker's gothic tale The Cherry Robbers. Sylvia is actually Iris Chapel, one of six heiresses to the Chapel firearm fortune. She and her sisters grew up in a Victorian mansion their parents believed was haunted. As a result, the sisters grew up believing marriage was their only way out of the house. But after two of her sisters died shortly after being wed, Iris left her family behind in hopes of escaping the curse that seemed to haunt her sisters.

Something Wilder

Whenever Christina Lauren releases a new book, you know you're in for a romantic treat. That's doubly true with Something Wilder, a wonderfully adventure tale that serves up modern Romancing the Stone vibes. Lily's treasure hunting father left her with nothing but his maps, but at least she can use those to lead treasure hunting tourists into the Utah mountains. It's a good job, but she's less than pleased when her ex shows up with his friends, expecting her to shepherd them through the trails. Lily soon finds herself on a wild adventure that might just lead her back to the man she thought she had left behind.