Azekah Daniel


85,900 Armed Robbery Cases

109 Killed during Robbery

10% Increase in Street Crime. #karachi

Azekah Daniel gives her followers a heartbreaking last year roundup of Karachi which reveals an alarming increase in crimes that occurred in the city during 2022. Our heart shatters into pieces when we see the devastating state of our city. Its high time the authorities should now wakeup from deep sleep and do something to improve the law and order situation of Karachi.

Mehwish Hayat TI

Sasti shohrat haasil karne k liye kuch log insaaniat k darjay se bhi girjatay hain. Hope you’re enjoying your two minutes of fame. Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean my name can be dragged through the mud. Shame on you for spreading baseless allegations and insinuations about someone you know nothing about and even bigger shame on people who believe this bullshit. This just shows the sickness of our society that laps up this gutter journalism without any thought. But this stops and it stops now! I won’t allow anyone to defame my name.

Mehwish Hayat is clearly outraged on the recent allegations that were made about four of the leading actresses of Pakistani entertainment industry. As the initials were mentioned, speculations started to blew up on social media. The actress gives a much needed shut up call to the accuser who without any evidence tried to defame the actresses on account of these baseless allegations.

Momina Mustehsan

It’s not just the Pakistani economy that has been regressing at alarming rates, mindsets and rhetoric have been decaying at similar if not more accelerated rates. If we keep continuing as is in all spheres pertaining to approach by all sides, where is it going to lead us?

Momina Mustehsan sheds light on one of the most concerning matter that according to her not only revolves around the devastating economy downfall of the country but also about the mindsets of the people as a whole which should be addressed too.