9 Fun Facts About January Babies

  • 14 Jan - 20 Jan, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly

January babies have a fiery birthstone

The garnet, the birthstone for January newborns, is a rich, ferocious red, in contrast to their birth month, which is all about snow and ice. This stone is thought to represent trust and friendship, two qualities that hopefully your kid will also receive. Additionally, garnets look fantastic with both silver and gold.

They are born leaders

January babies are born with an intrinsic sense of leadership. They are first in everything because they were born in the first month of the year. These individuals exhibit leadership qualities from a very young age. Children born in January always act in this manner, whether it is taking the team lead on group tasks or being the most trustworthy person among friends.

They have an amazing sense of humour

Children that were born in January have the best sense of humour! They are incredibly adept at choosing the proper words to say at the appropriate time. If you have a friend who was born in January, you probably already know that they are the ones who make sure you laugh every day.

They are imaginative and creative

January babies are extraordinarily imaginative. Their capacity for inventiveness is unmatched. These young people succeed in occupations that call for innovation. They can achieve success in industries like writing and graphic design.

They tend to keep secrets

It gives the appearance that they are secret keepers because these kids are typically more reserved than others. Even if they don't, these kids are thought to be secretive and reserved even if they don't. If you as parents share this sentiment, you should talk to your child about it rather than pleading with them to be more open.

They are mostly humble

Children born in January have a very humble character. From a young age, they have a reputation for calmness. They are often well-liked by their teammates as a coworker and leave an impression everywhere they go.

They have good ability to handle crisis

The modest, reserved, and artistic children born in January are excellent crisis managers. They can immediately analyse the advantages and disadvantages of a situation and take the appropriate action. Their ability to calculate quickly under pressure greatly aids in preventing serious accidents. With a pessimistic attitude, they overcome their problems and are quite sensitive in nature.

They are self-driven

These young people are motivated by themselves and rarely seek approval from others. They have their own approach and learn from their failures in both their personal and academic lives. Rarely do they ask for criticism and recommendations from others.

They are practical and realistic

Children born in January are obedient and realistic. They enjoy working alone to complete challenging jobs. A youngster born in this month develops into a very diligent worker. They typically perform well on exams and are eager to advance in life. They won't be a person who avoids issues by hiding in the office's corner.

They’re next athletic superstars

It makes sense that January babies would perform better in sports because they are slightly older than their classmates. Although not every January baby will succeed in sports, but they are typically more inclined to do so. However, Australian researchers found that 33% of the football players in their league were born in January, while another study found that 36% of NHL hockey players chosen in the 1980s through 2007 were born in January, February, or March. Give your child your full support if you find that they excel in athletics; you never know you might be changing the diapers of the next Michael Jordan or Tom Brady.