The Merciless Ones

The Gilded Ones was one of the most acclaimed YA fantasy books of 2021, and now Deka's journey continues in The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna. Six months after Deka freed the goddesses, her world is in chaos. Wars are waging across the kingdom, and her people have branded her as a monster. But Deka knows her work has just begun. As she continues her quest to free the rest of the goddesses, she begins encountering a symbol that seems to drain her powers. With darkness approaching, Deka knows she must discover the source of this symbol if she has any hope of defeating it.


David Sedaris returns to our shelves with Happy-Go-Lucky, his first collection of essay in several years. This time around, Sedaris is turning his pen on the mundane and the bizarre events that have defined the past few years of life. From dealing with the death of a parent and wondering what really is "normal" anymore, to getting dental work done and offering musings about America, Sedaris writes essays that dive into the big and small things that define our lives. It's a series of observations on the things we're all going through, all in one collection of heartbreaking and hilarious essays.

The Latecomer

Family tensions are on full display in Jean Hanff Korelitz's literary novel The Latecomer. The wealthy Oppenheimer family has had a difficult road from the very beginning. Parents Salo and Johanna first met under tragic circumstances, and they struggled to conceive, eventually having triplets with the assistance of early-era IVF treatments. Growing up, the triplets felt no real sense of family connection, causing them to pretty much count down the days until they can go their separate ways. Desperate to keep her marriage and family together, Johanna decides to have a fourth child – their "latecomer" – who shakes up the family and changes things in unexpected ways.