• 21 Jan - 27 Jan, 2023
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The highlighter in your makeup bag is the most essential product. Period. That is because it is the highlighter that amps up your beauty game. Meant to highlight the high points of your face (the parts where the sun falls directly). It would also not be wrong to say that it is as important as a blush. So are you left feeling confused about which one to pick when you go shopping? Fear not, we are here to your rescue. Ahead, we tell you everything you need to know before you buy a highlighter.

Liquid highlighters

Liquid highlighters can be blinding, because even a little drop of it is highly pigmented, but if used carefully, they manage to give you the ‘glow-from-within’ look which is in vogue these days. In fact, it works amazing when you mix a drop or two with your moisturiser because it then blends into your skin swiftly.

Powder highlighters

Powder highlighters almost look like compact powders, except they are shimmery. They come in the form of pressed powder, and are not as pigmented as their liquid counterpart. Take a fan brush and apply a stroke of it on the highest points of your face – trust us, it will make you face gleam and add dimension to it.

Stick highlighters

These are the most user-friendly because they concentrate on the most important parts of your face, leading to a precise application. They are also able to reach the tiny and hard-to-reach areas of your face like the inner corner of your eyes or under your brow bones. It also requires minimal blending, and is travel-friendly too.

Jelly highlighters

The newest kid on the makeup block, it offers a pigmented flush of glow. The wobbly consistency is oddly satisfying: it is a mix between a liquid and a cream, and works great for a naturally luminescent glow. However, they can get a little messy since the product can leak from its package.


Makeup is like art, if you don’t begin right it won’t end right, or at least the way you wanted it to. This means we need to carefully select shades as per our skin tone. Here is how you can select the right highlighter shade for your skin.

For fair skin tones: For those with pale and fairer skin tones, go for highlighters which have an icy silver or champagne sheen, or even pearlescent effect. It helps add the right amount of radiance to your skin. Don’t go for warm undertones like golden, rather opt for colours that come under the pinky-peach shade.

For medium skin tones: Go for bronzy highlighters or a kind that has iridescent undertone because not only will it add a flush of colour to your face allowing you to skip your blush, but will also give you the sun-kissed bronzed look.

For dark skin tones: Opt for shades which have rose-gold undertones and steer clear of frosty ones since it will make you look dull. Keep your focus on warm tones to accentuate your features.