The two-day Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023' curated by Irshad Ali Khan, co-founder of Black Box Sounds was a rocking success and energized large crowds in both Islamabad and Lahore.

"It's always been about bringing together positive energies and teamwork," opined Irshad Ali Khan during the grand finale of the tour in Lahore. "Big things happen when the right people come together. It's how history is made," he added.

Leading act Krewella is an American electronic dance music band from the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois, United States, that formed in 2007 and comprises sisters Jahan Yousaf and Jasmine Yousaf whose father is of Pakistani descent. Their musical style is mainly EDM, dance-rock, and dance-pop. However, Krewella's style has been influenced by several electronic subgenres, including progressive; house, electro-house, dubstep, trap music; nu-metal electro; dubstep; brostep and complextro.

Their debut EP, 'Play Hard' was released on June 18, 2012, while their debut album, Get Wet was released on September 24, 2013, on iTunes. The uber-talented sisters were teary-eyed as they ended their set in Lahore declaring that their Pakistan tour was a dream come true for them.

"Our father hails from Lahore so this is a very emotional moment for us," said the girls as their father Sohail Yousaf joined them on stage to raise the Pakistani flag as the audience cheered on with wild abandon and appreciation. "Pakistan officially feels like home for us now," added Jahan summarising her and Yasmine's experience during the Krewella Pakistan Tour.

Chrome Sparks also literally created energizing sparks during the tour. Chrome Sparks is an indie electronic project helmed by Brooklyn-based Jeremy Malvin who had earlier performed at the Mad Decent Block Party in 2018 (also organized by Irshad Ali Khan) and is loved by Pakistan audiences.

Khyber 13, a DJ based out of Chandigarh India and bought up in the Pukhtoon culture also brought high-voltage energy to the festival. Khyber 13's sound vacillates between Ethnic; Electronica; Afro and Hip Hop. Another high-octane act was Karachi-based and Ottawa-bred DJ and Music Producer Turhan James, renowned for producing within a variety of EDM genres.

Other artists who participated in the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 included DJ Barrister, DJ Maleo, Shae Gill, Natasha Ejaz, and an electrifying surprise performance by everyone's favorite band Khumariyaan.

The PR for the Black Box Festival's Krewella Pakistan Tour was managed by Catwalk Event Management & Productions Pvt Ltd helmed by Frieha Altaf.

“EDM concerts are the norm abroad and DJs are more popular than singers/bands,” said Frieha Altaf. “Krewella’s success, energy, and style will inspire many young girls to reach an international level of success. For two Pakistani girls, this is a truly outstanding achievement. Pakistan is a country with a 65% populace who are under the age of 28 and want to have fun. We need sponsors to see this too” Altaf added.

The event was supported by TikTok, as the Official Content Partner, and Embrace, Packages as Krewella also proactively supports the NGO, ‘HER Pakistan’. HER Pakistan is a youth- and women-led not-for-profit organization that empowers individuals about menstruation through education, service and advocacy.