5 Laundry Room Organization Ideas That Will Work For You

From magnetic lint holding bins that attach to the side of the dryer to wall-mounted fold-out drying racks, here we share a few laundry room organization hacks that may cut the hours we spend washing, drying, and folding our clothes.

Magnetic Organizing Rack

Put this magnetic rack snaps right to the side of your washer or dryer as it has lots of nooks for detergent, stain remover, lint rollers, dryer balls – anything you need at the ready.

Galvanized Laundry System

Designed for maximum versatility, the seriously stylish and super-functional components of Galvanized Collection let you get as creative as you want.

Lombok Cabinet

Pair this Lombok cabinet Handcarved Lombok Bathroom Vanity, or used as statement storage on its own, it adds a bohemian touch to any bathroom.

Folding Travel Clip and Drip Hangers

The spacious portable cloth hanger is collapsible for easy storage. It can save space and it is great for traveling use. It is also very convenience to use at home in bathroom, balcony or outside in garden etc.

Laundry Hamper

There's no need to choose between fashion and function when buying a hamper. After all, it's home to all of your dirty clothes, so you may as well make it pretty.