The Villa

Rachel Hawkins's electrifying mystery The Villa is a must read. Chess and Emily have felt a growing fracture in their friendship since hitting adulthood. To revive their friendship, they decide to take a trip to Italy together. Upon arrival, Emily is enthralled by the villa's history: where the murder of upcoming rock star Pierce Sheldon took place. As Emily's investigation sparks ideas for her writing, Chess struggles to hit her stride in her own work, bringing tension to their would-be idyllic trip. Emily's suspicions of foul play in Sheldon's death might be put on hold, because with her friendship fraying, the villa may see history repeating itself.

Age of Vice

In Deepti Kapoor's novel Age of Vice, a fatal car crash sets off a remarkable chain of events within the wealthy society of New Delhi. With five killed in the accident, the police accuse Ajay, a servant of a powerful family who can't explain the events of the evening. Meanwhile, Ajay's employers enjoy the spoils of power and influence. Neda, a journalist, gets pulled into Sunny's opulent lifestyle while writing an expose about the corruption of the rich. When she uncovers Sunny's role in the horrific accident, she sees just how far the Wadia family's power reaches – and how quickly they could take down people like her and Ajay.

Loathe to Love You

After finding massive success on #BookTok, Ali Hazelwood combines her three best romances into one collection in Loathe to Love You. At the core of Hazelwood's romances are three women in STEM careers finding unexpected love with their competitive peers. Under One Roof boasts a charming tale of an engineer and a lawyer stuck as roommates, Stuck With You traps academic rivals in an elevator, and Below Zero follows an engineer trapped in a freezing research centre with only her nemesis willing to make the dangerous journey to find her. Hazelwood gives readers an extra treat, adding an exclusive bonus chapter to the special release.