Saba Qamar

Just woke up to the heartbreaking news coming out from Nepal. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone onboard of that ill-fated plane. #Nepal

Adnan Siddiqui

Ahmad Faraz sahab – rebel romantic. He wove love, ache, longing – one of the many quintessential of ghazal, deftly with verses of rebelling against oppression. His poetry stands true even now. #birthanniversary

Momina Mustehsan

All the best, ladies! Pakistan is rooting for you, especially the little girls that aspire to play cricket like you one day! Thank you for leading the way, overcoming obstacles in your personal capacities and serving as an inspiration to millions! Love and luck! #BackOurGirls


While we hear all kinds of bad news about industry…. here is a news that will make you proud. Pakistani textile giant Nishat is acquiring Wernerfelt A/S, a Danish manufacturer of fabrics. This is such a wonderful thing to hear. May more Pakistani companies grow big to go global.

Haroon Rashid

I’m watching Mission Majnu and Bollywood is obsessed with Pakistan. It’s embarrassing. All they do in this film so far is say “Pakistan. Pakistan. Pakistan. Pakistan. Janab. Pakistan. Janab. Pakistan. Pakistan. Pakistan.” Irresponsible, dangerous filmmaking once again.