Ushna Shah

#JacindaArdern’s legacy will be breaking barriers and setting examples, one of which is to put one’s mental health, and well-being first. Wishing her the best in the next chapter.

Just recently, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that she will stand aside for a new leader within weeks, saying she doesn’t believe she has the energy to seek re-election in the October polls. Ushna Shah applauded her legacy stating that the act will surely set examples.


I am an independent woman, a university grad, making my own choices. This has only been possible because I come from the BEST of families, unlike some dirty ‘bustards’. Their families have left them to do anything they want. All you see is a reflection of yourself.

Armeena Khan is clearly upset at the upbringing of some spoilt brats who are ruining the society by tearing up the basic morals one needs to be a good human being. The actress also wrote that her being an independent and educated woman is all because of her supportive family.

Sidra Iqbal

Congratulations Pakistan #PSL2023 is coming with a bang! This time for #Multan! excellent endeavours to showcase Pakistan and the cricket talent and potential of the country. @TheRealPCB @HBLPak @TheRealPCBMedia

Who isn’t all hyped up for the upcoming eight edition of the Pakistan Super League which is all set to kick off from the 13th of February and so is Sidra Iqbal! She congratulated the league for bringing the best of talent to light from the cricketing fraternity.