Tere Bin – Where love blossoms amid conflicts & sacrifices

  • 28 Jan - 03 Feb, 2023
  • Wajiha Jawaid
  • Reviews

I am a huge fan of Yumna Zaidi, but Wahaj Ali has won my heart this time with his role in Tere Bin. From expressions and gestures to dialogues, he nailed it.

I am an ardent novel reader and the image of a domineering feudal lord in very clear in mind who falls in love with the most gorgeous, educated, and well-aware girl in town. In this drama, Wahaj has given me a visual presentation of my imagery. The talented actor has impressed me with his amazing performance.

Although the story may lack novelty, it does not mean the story is unappealing. The aesthetic is very similar to other cross-border melodramas; such as grand sets, stunning women adoring make-up and jewelry, and slow-motion close-ups. However, what sets the story apart is its power-packed performances. The cast is aptly chosen – and all are doing their part with conviction. Seasoned actress Bushra Ansari plays authoritative Bhabhi Begum – and from get-up to body language she is in full control of her character. Sameer Sohail plays Meerab’s father who disowns her at the time of birth. Realizing his mistake, he now wants to win over his daughter who is in complete denial of reality. She is unable to cope with the harsh reality of her life. She wants to go back to Waqas Ahmed (Fahan Ally Agha) and Alina (Fazila Qazi) but they can’t accept her as it is against Bhabhi Begum’s will.

Eight episodes down, a lot has happened in the drama – and we appreciate that it is moving at a fast pace and nothing is kept under wrap to be disclosed as the dramatic climax. Let me give a quick recap of what has happened so far. The story is based on an influential feudal family living in Hyderabad. Wahaj plays Murtasim, the head of the clan. He's different from other feudal men in that he's more sympathetic to his people and stands up for their rights. Yumna Zaidi co-stars as Murtasim's cousin.

The girl is raised by Waqas Ahmed (Farhan Ally Agha) and is unaware that he is not her biological father. When the truth is revealed, her life is turned upside down.

Here, Bhabhi Begum (Bushra Ansari) tries to take control by announcing Meerab's engagement to Murtasim at a family function. Though both fought against the decision, they eventually give up and accept their fate.

Meerab gives her approval because the people she loves and cares for the most are not accepting her decision. In these difficult times, Murtaism has been a support system for her and his sympathetic attitude has made her think that she can take revenge on the people who have hurt her by using him. She is very clear in her approach and takes the right moves to achieve it such as walking off from her nikkah ceremony and pressurizing Murtaism to accept her conditions if he wants to marry her.

Murtasim is very compassionate and his feelings are genuine. His heart breaks when he sees Meerab in trouble and he feels for her when Waqas Ahmed refuses to open doors for her. He prays for her at the dargah and becomes distraught when he can't find her there.

The conversation the two had just before the marriage is also worth watching – Wahaj winning our hearts there too. We all know Yumna Zaidi is a fabulous actress and once she goes into the character it is hard to find an error in her performance. Here too she has outdone herself by delivering an emotionally-driven performance. However, Wahaj comes as a real surprise here. The man is doing magic with his eyes – in a scene where he asks Meerab if she still hates him and after hearing her answer there is a change of expression. In that scene, we see his heart melt as he realizes how much his support means to her in that moment. He immediately agrees to marry her without judging her intentions, even if they may be less than pure.

There is another character who plays a significant role in Meerab and Murtaism's love story - Haya, played by Sabeena Farooq. Haya is Murtaism's cousin in the drama and she has dreamt of becoming Murtaism's wife since childhood. When Meerab enters into Murtaism's life, Haya's dreams are shattered and she is determined to remove Meerab from Murtaism's life by any means necessary.

During the mayoon ceremony, when Murataism enters the hall – both Haya and Meerab are sitting on the stage but he only looks at Meerab. Wearing a burnt orange dress, she looks like a radiant beauty and it is hard for Murtaism to take his eyes off her. Again, our hero uses expressions to emote the feeling he doesn’t utter any word and his gaze is enough to send the message.

The promos of the upcoming episode reveal that Meerab puts a condition to marry Murtaism and gives a contract to him to sign before nikkah. What is written in that document? What are Meerab’s intentions? What will Haya do to win Murtaism’s love? To know this keep watching Tere Bin only on Geo TV every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00pm.