Momina Mustehsan

We should stop using words like “hukmaraan” “rulers” etc for those in office. Whatever party it may be, please remember they are there to serve you, not the other way around. The citizens need to revisit their own rhetoric to reclaim their agency. Our thinking needs a hard reset.

Urwa Tul Wusqua Hussain

Spent such a fun Sunday with all these amazing women at the #womenbikerally by @pepsipakistan! Women should be able to commute on bikes without judgement and eye rolls! p.s. made the most of the campaign to polish my bike riding skills. #rideforchange #empowerwomen

Sidra Iqbal

Dear #Bollywood, what's with this intense fetish of misrepresenting #Pakistan Aap bohat confused ho... But as they say haters are actually confused admirers. #Pathaan #MissionMajnu

Hamza Ali Abbasi

#Peshawarblast - Tragic and heartbreaking … not sure what else to say. Being a Pakistani now just feels like an endless wait for things to get better while they get worse. May God have mercy on the souls of the departed and may God give patience to the families. #Peshawar

Haroon Rashid

I watched What’s Love Got To Do With It back in September and for me, @Iamsajalali is the absolute star of the film. Despite limited screen time, she shines in every frame. Every expression and emotion is on point and her performance stays with you long after the film ends.