Maya Ali

Absolutely heartbreaking to see what’s happened in Peshawar. When will this suffering end. My condolences to the departed souls and may the Almighty bless their loved ones with sabar and bless the injured with good health. Ameen

Maya Ali like every one of us is heartbroken on the tragic Peshawar blast that claimed over 100 lives and left many people injured with serious injuries. The actress sends her condolences for the departed souls and wished for their families to have the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

Farhan Saeed

How will we ever recover from this? Since I know, I’ve never seen the Rupee strengthening against Dollar drastically. But still we are either this party or that party, but not Pakistan. No one’s serious about where we are, have we lost all hope? #PakistanEconomy

Singer turned actor Farhan Saeed expresses his concerns over Pakistan’s drastically dropping economy that’s literally on the verge of collapsing. The people are losing their hopes, we hope and pray that our country revives from this difficult situation soon.

Ushna Shah

The most pathetic and cowardly people are the bullies. To the Scarsdale student who was the victim of this incident: the people who did this to you are grade A losers. Don’t just heal from this, rise like a phoenix and make the world better, that’s your revenge! You got this!

Ushna Shah sends some words of encouragement to the victim of the Scarsdale school incident and stated that the bullies are the worst of people. Its high time the authorities take strict action against the students responsible to set an example.