Video Of Bride's Chocolate Hairstyle And Jewellery Goes Viral, Netizens Say 'Be Safe From Children'

  • 11 Feb - 17 Feb, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day for which preparations begin days in advance. But in trying to look their best and different from the crowd, some come up with bizarre fashion ideas. A video of a woman with unique hairstyle for one of her wedding functions has gone viral on the internet. The video of the bride's hairdo shared on Instagram by makeup artist, Chitra shows her braid adorned with chocolates like KitKat, 5Star, Ferrero Rocher, and Milky Bar. She also wore jewellery, which included earrings, matha-patti and necklace, made of chocolates. The bride wearing a yellow dress flaunts the bizarre fashion with confidence. Since being shared by the social networking site by the user _chitras_makeup_artist_28, the video has amassed over 2 lakh likes, and six million views. The comments box was filled with suggestion with one saying "Be safe from children's otherwise you look nice." "We used to do such things in our childhood while playing at home. still we made flowers of leaves. But didn't do this," wrote another user. "Guys, it's someone's creativity and talent so we should appreciate it not to criticize, wrote a third.