Chinese Firm Stacks 2-Metre High Cash Pile At Party, Gives Millions In Bonus To Employees

  • 11 Feb - 17 Feb, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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A company in China has raked up a controversy after it piled up wads of cash two metres high on stage at a party, and handed out millions of yuans or over Rs 70 crore, to its best-performing employees, reported the South China Morning Post. After having a profitable year, Henan Mine, a crane manufacturing company decided to organise a party and hand over bonuses to its employees in cash. Five million yuan (Rs 6,04,60,138) each was given to the three best-performing sales managers of the firm. It did not end here, about 30 employees of the company were also awarded at least one million yuan (approximately Rs 1.2 crore), reported Jiemian News, a financial news portal in China. "We held a sales year-end meeting on the night of January 17, giving 61 million yuan in total to 40 sales managers," a public relations manager of Henan Mine said to South China Morning Post. Photos and videos that have gone viral on social media showed banknotes arranged on stage in the form of a pyramid as men walked in suits with several wads in their arms. The company also organised a cash-counting contest for their employees in which they could take as many 100-yuan notes as they successfully counted in a stipulated time. According to its official website, Henan Mine, a crane manufacturer employs 2,700, staff and has 380 offices spread across China and the world. The company has recorded sales of up to 2.3 billion annually and has not done any layoffs in the last three years, reported the web portal of moneycontrol. Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Ethiopia are the countries where the product of the company is sold.