Someone Else's Shoes

Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes is the story of two women that sparks rejuvenating revelations in their lives. Sam Kemp and Nisha Cantor don't share anything in common besides one serendipitous visit to a London gym. When Sam, who struggles to connect with her husband and a boss who makes her life miserable, accidentally grabs Nisha's gym bag containing a pair of Louboutin heels, she finds herself far more confident. Her newfound self-assurance causes an upward shift in her attitude. Meanwhile, Nisha's husband announced a sudden divorce that turned her life upside down. Stuck with Sam's flats, she must find her shoes to get a cut of her divorce settlement.

Seven Faceless Saints

M.K Lobb's dark fantasy, Seven Faceless Saints, finds former lovers trying to upend an unjust system that favours descendants of all-powerful saints. Despite the fact that everyone in the kingdom of Ombrazia is of saintly ancestry, only those bestowed with the power of the saints live in luxury, while the rest, considered "unfavoured," are forced to battle on behalf of the kingdom. Rossana Lacertosa, a disciple of Patience, wields her own powers alongside the rebellion after the ruthless murder of her father by the Ombrazian military. On the opposing side of war is guard Damian Venturi, whose loyalty to the saints’ wavers when he considers his betrayal of Rossana.

Our Share of Night

A father's love for his son grounds Mariana Enriquez's magical horror story, Our Share of Night. After losing his wife, Juan and his son Gaspar head to her family's home, where a devious community called the Order resides. The Order is no ordinary family, but rather one that dabbles in the occult in its search for immortality. The key to its magic is Gaspar, and as Gaspar falls deeper into the Order's clutches, Juan will set off a plan year in the making to ensure his son's survival. But the Order's power runs far deeper than anyone knows, and the battle for Gaspar's future hangs in the balance.