Wearing These Hues Can Assist You In Attracting Love

  • 18 Feb - 24 Feb, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

If you want to attract love this year, you might want to start with your attire. You'll be able to attract the precise energy you desire into your life by using colour magic and wearing specific hues.


Purple is a regal hue that is thought to be naturally jovial and amorous. It motivates us to take chances in our romantic relationships (which explains why most knights in shining armour wear this colour in cartoons and movies). Even if there are a few barriers in our way, Purple forces us to level up and pursue our goals. As a result, it's crucial to include it in your wardrobe if you want to manifest love.


Orange is a cheerful and warm colour. Orange encourages inventiveness and playfulness in your relationship, so when you surround yourself with this energising hue, the fun won't stop.


The colour red represents desire. Red is a powerful hue, which means you should utilise it while manifesting and establishing intentions in love since it will help make your desires come true. This is just one of the many positive qualities about red.


The colour blue has a global meaning of trust, which is something that is necessary to establish and uphold healthy boundaries and relationships. Additionally, it stands for the sentiment of unwavering love that we all desire in our relationships.


The colour pink is said to represent everything that is good in the world. When a romance is in its early phases, the colour pink will emphasise the hopefulness and natural compassion that are experienced. When you want to reconnect, it's also ideal to wear out on a date night with your significant other.


When you want to attract love into your life, you should wear chocolate brown. This warm hue stands for dependability and honesty, two qualities that are crucial in any kind of partnership. It indicates positive, fulfilling feelings that are unlikely to pass away. Brown likes to connect and build, thus if you have a weak heart you shouldn't wear this colour. It's for people looking for a life companion.


This colour is associated with love and relationships since it is the original shade of Venus. Green enables us to see the positive aspects of individuals and the world through rose-colored (or should we say green-colored) glasses. It's a terrific hue to wear when you want to make a really relaxed and caring atmosphere with your significant other.