The House of Eve

Sadeqa Johnson's riveting historical fiction novel The House of Eve follows the trajectories of two 1950s Black women living in Philadelphia and Washington DC. Clawing her way out of Philadelphia poverty, 15-year-old Ruby Pearsall is the first in her family to go to college and won't let anything stop her from making a name for herself. Eleanor Quarles is a Howard University student struggling to adjust to the social hierarchies of her school. When both girls expect, upending their plans for their lives, it presents a new wave of troubles between themselves, their lovers, and their families. Johnson's portrait of young women with sharp wit and big dreams is powerful and honest.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Stephen Graham Jones's final girl Jade Daniels continues to fight for her life in Don't Fear the Reaper. A survivour of her hometown's Independence Day Massacre, Jade (now going by Jennifer) is ready to put her blood-filled past behind her. But a failed prison transfer in the middle of a snowstorm accidentally releases famed serial killer Dark Mill South, and he's selected her town as his next target. Pulling from her extensive knowledge of slasher-film survival rules, Jade attempts to skirt the reign of violence fallen upon her hometown once again, but even she knows surviving a slasher twice is one of the hardest tropes to break.

Just My Type

Just My Type is Falon Ballard's charming ode to writers' passion and love. Relationship columnist Lana Parker faces a sudden breakup with her longtime boyfriend that leaves her without ideas for her work, her boss challenges her to write about being single. To up the incentive, he invites her ex and writing rival Seth to a similar trial. He offers the most successful of the two a dream job to sweeten the deal. The new coworkers are ready to rise to the challenge, but as their feelings begin to get in the way of their success, Lana and Seth's race to the finish line might cost them a real shot at finding love.