The Sea Beast

  • 18 Feb - 24 Feb, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
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The movie The Sea Beast is magnificent and stunning, and the animation is superb. In addition to a few cute characters and some endearing sea creatures, the film also includes some quite scary characters. Its simple premise immediately captures your interest, and the extensive adventure you follow with the characters is delightful and entertaining. The photographs are amazing, and the colours have been carefully chosen. It builds a world where nothing like it has ever existed. Although this movie has outstanding visuals, it nevertheless has a more mature plot. Nevertheless, both children and adults may really appreciate the finished product.

The simplicity and lack of extraneous details in this film's narrative make it lovely. The movie addresses human relationships and how the strength of love can even influence the powerful and the stoic in addition to sea monsters and sea hunters. Chris Williams, who has previously handled some fantastic animated features including Bolt and Moana, is in great form as the director of The Sea Beast. When you look at the frames, colours, and authentic feelings that things in the picture generate, it is clear that the film's details have received a lot of care.

In an effort to eliminate the menace and damage that these monsters have posed to humans, sea monster hunters venture out into the water to hunt monsters. Captain Crow is in charge of Sarah Sharpe and Jacob Holland, the Captain's adoptive son, as they travel and attempt the difficult task of identifying and killing sea monsters. Their business is backed by the King and Queen of the Crown. Jacob is given the assurance that he would soon be appointed as the ship's captain by Captain Crow after the 'Inevitable' has dealt with Red Bluster. When they go back to get paid after their most recent slaughter, they discover that another ship, "Imperator," has been tasked with finding Red Bluster.

The distraught crew of "Inevitable" then requests from the King and the Queen one chance to prove their worth. As a result, "Inevitable" and "Imperator" finally start a conquest to find the monster. But neither Jacob nor Maisie, an orphan girl who stows away on the ship, realise how their lives would change when they meet Red Bluster.

The movie The Sea Beast does a fantastic job of escorting viewers on an action-packed journey that is rich with human passion. It is a fun ride that is well worth taking. The narrative and the excellent animation quality of the images keep you interested in the happenings even though the movie quickly becomes predictable. Jacob is a fearless sea monster hunter whom you like and support in his endeavours. The fun would have quadrupled if Maisie, the young child, had a voice-over delivered by an actress more suited to her age. A wonderful pairing would be Karl Urban as Jacob's voice and Jared Harris as Captain Crow.

Although The Sea Beast will make you think of movies like How to Train Your Dragons and Pirates of the Caribbean, it ultimately stands on its own as a work with a unique voice and style. It's a sincere movie that doesn't rely on a quick fix to accomplish its goals. With its colourful environment and inventive animation, The Sea Beast keeps being a wonderful time for its viewers.