“If your voice is high, only a few people will hear. If your thought is high, then many people will listen.” – Invajy

Bollywood propaganda affecting Pakistan

Through this letter, I want to bring attention to an issue that how Bollywood’s propaganda-based films have been affecting Pakistanis and how they deviate us from our values and traditions. Their content has become a major source in changing the mindset of our youngsters.

For entertainment purposes, Bollywood movies are our top priority. However, while watching them we don't realize that it is changing our minds and we are showing acceptance towards their agenda. When we watch propaganda-based movies, we lose consciousness and get so involved in the plot that we wish the film hero should win without realizing that in the movie the enemy they are showing in actually us, the Pakistanis. These propaganda-based movies also portray our national heroes and the army as traitors and bad people. Recently, a movie came out Mission Majnu which is trending on top spot on Netflix as it is the most watched movie throughout the week in Pakistan. This movie portrayed Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as a traitor and showed that Pakistan’s army is so weak that a mere tailor got information from an army officer. Earlier in the movie known as Shershaah they showed the Pak army can end the war if Indians gave them an actress and still we wish that their heroes should win.

I strongly believe that such propaganda based movies should be banned in Pakistan or even if they are free to watch people should avoid watching such content.

Noor Fatima,

Vaping is as dangerous as smoking?

In the last decade, nicotine-containing e-cigarettes have emerged as the most popular tobacco and nicotine delivery modality among adolescents. It was introduced into the tobacco market in the United States in 2007 as a smoking cessation aid. E-cigarettes are now widely popular among adolescents, and vaping has become common among middle and high school students.

When e-cigarettes were first introduced in 2003, research revealed that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. Recent studies, however, have called this fact into question, demonstrating that e-cigarette use is associated with respiratory symptoms, though the risk may be lower than that of cigarette smoking. When lung function was compared between vapers, cigarette smokers, and those who did not smoke any of the above, a study conducted in 2021 revealed that vaping has the same negative effects on pulmonary function as smoking. Despite the fact that vaping is regarded as a "lesser of two evils" for current cigarette smokers, there is still much to learn about vaping. One way we'll learn more is by revealing the potential or current health issues caused by vaping. These cases of severe lung disease among vapers raise serious concerns about the safety of vaping.

Nicotine, the primary ingredient in both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes, is highly addictive, causing you to crave a cigarette and experience withdrawal symptoms if you ignore the craving.

Salim Ahmed,