Letters To The Editor

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. – Jack Ma

Impact of Hike in Petrol Prices on Masses

Following the most recent round of fuel price increases, petroleum prices throughout the nation have dramatically climbed. According to experts, the ongoing rise in fuel prices will have a significant effect on both the general public and the economy as a whole. Rising fuel costs can affect nation's population in a variety of ways. Those who own personal vehicles will initially feel the effects of the increase. The automotive industry will also be impacted by the high fuel prices, since vehicle sales may experience a severe decline. The automobile industry would be greatly impacted by a further drop in vehicle demand. Thus, decreased demand will result in significant employment losses in the automotive and allied industries. Also, firms dispersed throughout numerous industries will be impacted by the rising cost of fuel, which will ultimately have an influence on the general public. First of all, those without a personal vehicle will be affected since they would have to pay extra to use public transportation. A price increase is already being considered by the public transit industry. Due to the increase in fuel prices, businesses involved in logistics and cargo transportation are also anticipated to raise their service fees soon. Consumer-focused businesses are already in a difficult situation due to the demand for higher product delivery speeds. Since that the majority of items that people consume on a daily basis must be carried from various locations across the nation, their prices are likely to increase further. Simply said, everything is going to become more expensive, including the cuisine you order and the fruits and vegetables you buy. According to experts, if fuel costs stay high, it will cause overall inflation to increase. Our economy is predicted to see a delay in recovery in such a situation since it will have an immediate effect on citizens' consumption levels. In order to protect the economy against inflation, the government must quickly find a solution to the situation with fuel prices.

Saman Zubair,

Influencers and their impacts on consumer buying behavior

We see a lot of people on social media promoting different brands. While watching their content we don’t realize that they create a lot of impact on us. They are the ‘sales man’ of digital age. They master the art of changing people’s mind with their digital tactics and they are called Influencers. Influencers on social media are now essential to the marketing of a variety of firms. There is a digital influencer for every product, whether they are promoting skincare products, designer handbags, new Vehicle models, or even the newest knitting accessories. More companies are jumping on the influencer marketing train to strengthen their marketing and outreach initiatives. The fact that social media influencers have a thorough understanding of the platforms they use and know how to produce compelling content that will increase brand recognition is one of their main advantages. These influencers frequently invest years on expanding their fan bases and enhancing the sense of belonging and inclusion inside their communities. They are adept at building relationships with their audiences through efficient presenting and storytelling techniques, and they can tell the tale of your brand with ease. Another crucial point to remember is that influencers are excellent storytellers. These individuals possess the ability to communicate with their audiences in an efficient manner without coming across as overly "salesy." Because they can connect with these people on a human level, customers trust influencers for a variety of reasons. They are familiar with and enjoy them. It all boils down to "making friends" and "attaining status," once more. Influencers discuss the product(s) in detail, including how to use them, whether they are worth the price, what customers can expect, etc., rather than just posting an ad on their feeds. Influencers essentially answer the most frequently asked questions that consumers have about any company or product.

Talha Khan