Humayun Saeed

Ever since heard of Zia sahab's passing been thinking of a befitting tribute to his rich and most valuable contribution to art, literature, the world of entertainment and most of all our beloved Urdu language... I fail and so do my words...

Shehzad Roy

We shouldn't allow doctors to treat our bodies without a medical degree, yet we don't worry about our children when teachers and educators work with their minds without a professional degree. God willing @durbeenPK @ZindagiTrust will change this paradigm.

Momina Mustehsan

Heart goes out to the people in Türkiye and Syria. Prayers for all those affected. This is truly devastating news. If anyone knows of ways in which we can help, please share.

Ushna Shah

If the judicial system of this country has a backbone, it will hang every single adult who was part of the lynch-mob and imprison the children, for life. Set an example, no one should be exempt! Lynching and even by-standing should be punishable by death. #nankanasahib #blasphemy

Hassan Sheheryar

What's happening in Turkey and Syria is heartbreaking and devastating. I pray the world stands up together and helps all those that need it desperately right now. #TurkeySyriaEarthquake