Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to shoot together for Tiger 3 in April 2023

Readers would recall that Pathaan featured Tiger aka Salman Khan in an extended cameo and the moment was loved the audiences. The dialogues in the film also indicated that Pathaan will be joining Tiger briefly on the latter’s next mission. Now it has not only been confirmed but the superstar has even allotted his dates for the spy actioner Tiger 3 that will once again see Khan reuniting with Katrina Kaif. And per sources, it has been confirmed that the scenes of Shah Rukh Khan in Tiger 3 will be shot in summer. The trade source says, “Watch out for Pathaan’s entry in Tiger 3! As the super-spies start crossing over in each other’s films, which are part of the blockbuster YRF Spy Universe, expect twists and surprises that deliver outstanding entertainment value to audiences in theatres!” The source added, “Shah Rukh will shoot for Tiger 3 by end-April. Details of this shoot is being kept completely under wraps but expect fireworks when the two super spies meet again in Tiger 3.”