She Is a Haunting

Debut author Trang Thanh intends to make readers' skin crawl with She Is a Haunting. A Vietnamese American 17-year-old Jade Nguyen travels to Vietnam to spend time with her estranged father, hoping that if she performs as the dutiful daughter he's always desired, he'll pay for her college tuition. But the French colonial house she's staying in has a sinister energy that gives her sleep paralysis, the horrifying feeling of bugs crawling over her body, and visions of a bride bearing warnings. Jade's investigation into the house's history may uncover dark family secrets she and her family may never recover from.

The Neighbour Favour

In Kristina Forest’s The Neighbor Favour, an anonymous email exchange transforms into a real-life shot at love for two unsuspecting new neighbours. Lily Greene's correspondence with her favourite author was a highlight in her life. That is, until he suddenly ghosted her without a word. When she meets her new neighbour Nick, she's determined to break out of her shell and meet someone new and enlists Nick to help, unknowingly roping her former pen pal into a romance scheme. However, Nick has figured out exactly who Lily is and hopes to rekindle things with her. If only he could tell her who he really is. This is one favour that may be impossible to get done.

A Day of Fallen Night

Revisiting the The Priory of the Orange Tree universe, Samantha Shannon centres the journeys of four young women with the power to define the world in this stand-alone prequel A Day of Fallen Night. Tunuva Melim aims to prove her worth to her people by chasing after a runaway citizen whose allies could harm her sanctuary, while mother-daughter duo Sabran the Ambitious and Glorian Berethnet struggle under the weight of rising responsibilities as women connected to the throne. Meanwhile, Dumai's quiet life on the mountainside is interrupted when ghosts of her family's past come back with expectations Dumai fears she cannot meet.