We are going through a major crisis. Please be kind to everyone around you, please help whoever you can!!! We are the solution. Those who can afford have to be a helping hand for those who can’t! #PetrolDieselPriceHike

Shehzad Roy

As tech advances, it's crucial we prioritise Digital Safety and educate youth on responsible online behaviour. Proud to see @Tiktok__PK and @ZindagiTrust collaborating with @MoitOfficial to empower students, teachers, and parents with knowledge and tools to navigate the internet safely.


Western Governments should make the adoption of Syrian babies easier and less expensive. These angels have no future in Syria as it stands now.

Bilal Ashraf

These little angels are the true heroes and champions who defeated cancer and came out even stronger. No matter what happens in life never surrender and never give up. Thank you @IHHN_PK @TheRealPCB @JubileeLife. They are the biggest and brightest stars.

Adnan Siddiqui

From lit fest to slug fest. Mr Javed Akhtar so conveniently overlooked the systemic intolerance prevalent in India. Your artists shy away from working with us for fear of being persecuted? So where is the real intolerance happening, sir?