Sajal Ali

Deeply saddened at the tragic loss of lives and destruction caused by the series of earthquakes in Türkiye may the Almighty have mercy and give succor to the survivors. @CemalSangu

Sajal Ali is deeply saddened by the huge loss of life caused by the deadly earthquakes that have jolted the regions of Turkey and Syria. We pray for the betterment of those who have been rescued in these difficult and testing times. 


#HadiqaKiyani is the inspiration we all need to find the hero within ourselves! #Pakistan needs every individual to wake up and take charge rather than these circus jokers running our politics, not even literate enough to know their position is synonymous to a “public servant”!

Urwa Hocane is all praises for Hadiqa Kiani who has been an inspiration for all of us and the real life hero who leads by example we all need to follow right now. The work that she has been doing for the flood victims is highly commendable.

Hadiqa Kiani

As many of you know, I have been in Balochistan for the past few days… by the grace of the Almighty and your support, we have completed the first phase of our project. 100 houses are complete and now occupied by flood victims, a maternity clinic, a grocery store and a primary school are all complete! Coming back to Balochistan and seeing this progress is a blessing and I am so grateful we could play our part. Vaseela-E-Raah was a mission of mine to complete, a promise I made to my mother and to the people of Balochistan, IA we will continue our efforts!

Singer turned actor Hadiqa Kiani announced Vaseela-E-Raah, her initiative for the flood hit-people of Balochistan. Since the announcement, she been working tirelessly to help the flood victims. Taking to her twitter handle, Kiani just recently explained the facilities completed under her welfare organization which is surely a huge achievement.